Thursday, 23 May 2024

Keeping up with We Are United — The Basketball Movement

As the We Are United prep school, led by Rob Yanders, continues its inaugural campaign, there is plenty to keep up with. The Basketball Movement, the home of We Are United, is elevating the local hoops scene like never before. Behind the scenes, Yanders is working tirelessly to ensure his student-athletes receive the education they need and the care they deserve. And when the game begins, that’s when fans like you get to witness the product firsthand.

Where to Catch the Action

If you want to see these up-and-coming athletes in action, the best place to go is The Basketball Movement. Contact us to find out the best time to catch a game! Additionally, you can visit the program’s website,, for the schedule and more information about the players and coaches.

Stay Connected on Social Media

To keep up with all the action, follow The Basketball Movement on social media. They post some We Are United content, but the school also has its own pages. Check out their Instagram page for more updates.

We Are United is also on Twitter! Follow their Twitter page, and while you’re there, give head coach Rob Yanders a follow as well. He posts We Are United content on his Twitter feed.

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Keep Up with the Movement

If you want to stay in the loop, you won’t be disappointed! The Basketball Movement has a big announcement coming soon about exclusive coverage of high school basketball in Southwest Missouri. So make sure to follow them for all the latest updates.

Now you’re all set to keep up with We Are United and The Basketball Movement. Don’t miss out on the excitement and talent that this program brings to the local hoops scene.

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