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LeBron James Surpasses Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for NBA Career Scoring Record

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The basketball world was abuzz with anticipation as the Lakers faced off against the Thunder. The burning question on everyone’s mind was whether LeBron James could score the 36 points needed to break Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s career NBA scoring record. In true LeBron fashion, he didn’t even need a full game to accomplish this feat.

With just 10.9 seconds left in the third quarter at Arena, James sank a 21-foot turnaround, giving him a total of 16 points in the period and a career total of 38,388 points — surpassing any other player in NBA history. This historic achievement solidifies James’ place in basketball lore and cements his legacy as one of the greatest players of all time.

LeBron James: Making History

Magic Johnson, speaking for most NBA observers, expressed his disbelief at anyone surpassing Abdul-Jabbar’s record. Even James himself hadn’t seriously considered achieving this feat until recently, as it seemed unattainable. However, James has followed a remarkable path of consistent excellence and longevity, much like his fellow Lakers star.

Throughout his 19 seasons since his rookie campaign in 2003-04, James has consistently performed at a high level, maintaining double-figure points in nearly all of his career games and averaging at least 25 points per game. This relentless pursuit of greatness allowed him to gradually close the gap on Abdul-Jabbar’s record, set in 1984 and deemed untouchable until now.

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NBA commissioner Adam Silver congratulated James on his remarkable achievement, calling it a towering feat that showcases his sustained excellence over two decades in the league. Silver also expressed awe at the fact that James still performs at an elite level and continues to add to his basketball legacy.

LeBron James now joins an elite lineage of record holders that includes Joe Fulks, George Mikan, Dolph Schayes, Bob Pettit, and Wilt Chamberlain. Abdul-Jabbar’s record seemed insurmountable, but James has proven that no record is unbreakable with determination and talent.

“To be in the presence of such a legend and great as Kareem, it means so much to me. It’s very humbling,” James shared during a brief ceremony at center court. He expressed gratitude to everyone who has been a part of his journey over the past 20 years, acknowledging the NBA for allowing him to live out his childhood dream.

Abdul-Jabbar commended James for his domination of the game and highlighted his leadership qualities, the intangible essence that ignites the passion of those around him.


Q: How many points did LeBron James need to break Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s career scoring record?

A: LeBron James needed 36 points to surpass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s career NBA scoring record.

Q: How many points does LeBron James have in his career now?

A: With his 16-point performance in the third quarter against the Thunder, LeBron James now has a career total of 38,388 points, more than any other player in NBA history.

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Q: How many seasons has LeBron James played in the NBA?

A: LeBron James has played 19 seasons in the NBA since his rookie campaign in 2003-04.


LeBron James has made basketball history by surpassing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the NBA’s all-time scoring leader. With a remarkable performance in a game against the Thunder, James scored the necessary 36 points to eclipse Abdul-Jabbar’s record. This achievement showcases James’ consistent excellence and longevity throughout his 19-year career. NBA commissioner Adam Silver hailed James’ accomplishment as a towering feat that speaks to his sustained greatness. James now joins an elite group of record holders in NBA history.

This historic moment serves as a reminder of James’ unparalleled impact on the sport and his status as one of the greatest players of all time. As his basketball journey continues, fans eagerly anticipate what more is to come from this legendary athlete.

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