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NBA GM Survey: 2019-20 Edition

The NBA GM Survey is back, and this year’s edition is filled with excitement and anticipation for the upcoming season. As we look back at every NBA GM Survey since 2002, it’s clear that this year’s survey reflects the major player movement that occurred during the summer and the wide-open race for the 2020 NBA championship.

Predicting the Favorites

With the departure of the last two Finals MVPs from the teams that met in the 2019 Finals, the league’s decision-makers are in agreement that the LA Clippers, led by Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, have the best shot at winning their first-ever NBA title. This prediction is not surprising considering the impact these two players have made in the past and the high expectations surrounding them this season.

In the Eastern Conference, Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks are seen as the team to beat, with 75% of the GMs picking them to come out on top. Antetokounmpo is also the overwhelming choice as the player to start a franchise with, with 86% of the GMs selecting him.

Moving and Shaking

The survey also covers a wide range of questions about the best teams, players, coaches, fans, and offseason moves. Notably, the LA Clippers are seen as having made the best overall moves during the offseason, with 85% of the GMs recognizing the impact of their acquisitions. Kawhi Leonard is predicted to have the biggest impact among all the offseason acquisitions, with 70% of the GMs selecting him.

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The Rising Stars

When it comes to the rookies, Zion Williamson is the clear favorite to win Rookie of the Year and be the best player from his draft class in five years. Despite having not played in an official NBA game, his athleticism and potential have made a strong impression on the GMs.


Q: Which team is predicted to win the 2020 NBA Finals?
A: The LA Clippers are the favorites, with 48% of the GMs choosing them to take home the championship.

Q: Who is expected to win the 2019-20 Kia MVP?
A: Giannis Antetokounmpo is the front-runner, with 54% of the GMs predicting he will win the award.

Q: Who is considered the best point guard in the NBA?
A: Stephen Curry takes the top spot, with 93% of the GMs recognizing his skills and impact on the game.


The NBA GM Survey provides us with valuable insights into the opinions and predictions of the league’s decision-makers. This year’s survey reflects the changes in player movement and sets the stage for an exciting and unpredictable season. With the LA Clippers and Milwaukee Bucks leading the way in their respective conferences, and rising stars like Zion Williamson making their mark, basketball fans have plenty to look forward to this season.

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