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One-on-One: Emily Edwards — The Basketball Movement

As a junior point guard at Nixa High, Emily Edwards is making waves on the basketball court and applying the skills she’s learned from her time at The Basketball Movement. Despite already committing to play basketball at the collegiate level, Emily’s drive to improve remains constant. In an interview, she shared her experiences at The Basketball Movement, how she balances sports and school, and her plans for the future.

Scoring in Bunches and Striving for Improvement

With only a handful of losses this season, the Nixa lady’s success on the court can be attributed in large part to Emily Edwards’ stellar performances as a point guard. She describes herself as a scoring point guard, excelling in shooting off the dribble and hitting open triples. However, she hasn’t neglected her playmaking abilities, becoming a threat both on and off the ball. To take her game to the next level, Emily focuses on improving her defense and making effective cuts and screens. She also aims to expand her shooting range and become more proficient around the rim.

The Basketball Movement: A Path to Growth

Emily Edwards first learned about The Basketball Movement through local players who spoke highly of the program. After trying it out for herself, she continued to come back for more. Her biggest takeaways from working with Rob Yanders and The Basketball Movement echo the sentiments of other athletes: hard work and attention to detail are key. Emily appreciates how the lessons she’s learned in the program apply not only to basketball but to every aspect of her life.

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Rockhurst University and Beyond

Emily has already made a verbal commitment to Rockhurst University in Kansas City. The campus, coaches, and pre-med program all left a positive impression on her. It’s clear that Emily is a driven and motivated student-athlete, with aspirations of succeeding in multiple areas of her life. When asked for advice on balancing school and basketball, she emphasized the importance of working hard in all areas, managing time efficiently, and finding joy in what you do.


Q: How did Emily Edwards get involved with The Basketball Movement?
A: Emily heard about The Basketball Movement from local players and decided to give it a try. She found value in the program and continued to train there.

Q: What has Emily learned from her time at The Basketball Movement?
A: Like many athletes, Emily has learned the importance of working hard and doing things correctly. The lessons she’s learned at The Basketball Movement extend beyond the basketball court.


Emily Edwards, a junior point guard at Nixa High, is making a name for herself on and off the basketball court. With her commitment to Rockhurst University and her drive to excel, she’s a shining example of the impact that The Basketball Movement can have on an athlete’s journey. Whether it’s improving her scoring abilities or balancing academics and sports, Emily’s dedication and hard work are evident. To take your game to the next level, consider reaching out to The Basketball Movement.

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