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One-on-One with Lyla, Ella, Ruthie, and Riley — The Basketball Movement

The Basketball Movement catches up with some of our favorite ladies following the conclusion of their high school seasons.

The Basketball Movement’s affiliate AAU program, Yanders Law, has been instrumental in helping the finest hoopers in Southwest Missouri reach their full potential. These athletes not only play for Yanders Law but also work out at The Basketball Movement, forging strong bonds and honing their competitive edge.

In this article, we’ll check in with Lyla Watson, Ella Lippelman, Ruthie Brown, and Riley Arnold, who have been integral to the success of the Yanders Law program. These talented athletes will share their experiences and aspirations as they transition from high school to the next phase of their basketball journey.

Lyla Watson, Ozark (Jr.)

Lyla Watson, a junior at Ozark, reflects on her season and looks ahead to the future. Despite facing mental challenges, Watson overcame them and is now excited about summer ball and her senior season. She plans to focus on improving her drive-first mentality and aggression, in addition to her already reliable shooting skills. Watson’s unwavering dedication to defense has been her secret weapon, driving her offensive performance even when her shots aren’t falling. She credits Yanders Law and The Basketball Movement for instilling confidence and a strong work ethic. Watson sees them as more than just gyms; they feel like family.

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Ella Lippelman, Springfield Catholic (Sr.)

Ella Lippelman, having just finished her best season as both an individual and a team player, is ready for the next chapter of her basketball journey. Committed to continuing her academic and athletic career at Colorado College, Lippelman chose the school because it fulfilled all her requirements: strong academics, supportive coaches, and a feeling of investment. Having been part of Yanders Law since 6th grade, Lippelman has benefited from the dedicated coaches and trainers who pushed her to improve in all areas of her game. From enhancing her basketball IQ to being there for her as a person, Lippelman credits Yanders Law and The Basketball Movement for her growth and development.

Ruthie Brown, Clever (Jr.)

Ruthie Brown acknowledges that her junior season had its ups and downs, but she remains determined to make up for it. With a focus on becoming more aggressive and playing at a higher tempo, Brown aims to strengthen her team’s position next year. Brown has been with Yanders Law since 5th grade, and her metamorphosis as a player and as a confident individual is a testament to the transformative impact of Yanders Law and The Basketball Movement. Ruthie cherishes the camaraderie, team bonding experiences, and victories she has shared with her teammates over the years. Equipped with an unyielding work ethic, Brown is ready to bring her versatility and skills to the next level.

Riley Arnold, Blue Eye (Jr.)

Coming off a successful season that culminated in a third-place finish in the Missouri Class 2, Riley Arnold and her Blue Eye teammates are determined to return stronger next year. Arnold, a junior, plans to focus on improving her ball-handling and point guard skills, along with the opportunity to play for Yanders Law. She praises Yanders Law as a club that pushes her to her limits, enhancing her basketball knowledge and shaping her character. Riley’s hard work, resilience, and leadership qualities extend beyond basketball, as she also excels in cross country, track, and volleyball.

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These remarkable athletes are proof of the impact that organizations like Yanders Law and The Basketball Movement can have on developing young talent. We are excited to witness their continued growth and success in the future.

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