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Q&A: De’Aaron Fox Shares Insights on His All-Star Campaign and Fatherhood

Sacramento Kings guard De’Aaron Fox is having a sensational season, showcasing his scoring prowess and playing a vital role in the team’s success. In this exclusive interview with, Fox discusses his All-Star aspirations, the challenges he faces on the court, and his experiences as a new father.

Offensive Breakthrough

When asked about the catalyst behind his offensive jump this season, Fox attributes it to his improved three-point shooting. While already known for his ability to finish at the rim and convert mid-range shots, Fox has honed his skills to score at all three levels. This well-rounded scoring approach has significantly contributed to his career-high average of nearly 28 points per game.

Toughest Defensive Matchups

Among the numerous opponents he has faced, Fox singles out Jaden McDaniels as the player who gives him the most trouble defensively. McDaniels’ length and exceptional anticipation make him a formidable defender. Fox acknowledges McDaniels as one of the best defenders in the league, making their matchups intense and challenging.

Another player Fox credits for pushing him to become a better player through relentless defense is Jrue Holiday. Over the years, their battles on the court have taught Fox valuable lessons on using his body effectively, especially against physically imposing opponents. Holiday, known for guarding players across multiple positions, has forced Fox to develop strategies to create separation and outmaneuver defenders.

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Kings’ Progress and Aspirations

Reflecting on the Kings’ season, Fox recognizes that their current performance surpasses their record from the previous year. However, he emphasizes that the team holds themselves to a higher standard. While they have made significant strides, both offensively and defensively, there is still room for improvement. The Kings strive to perform at a higher level and achieve greater success on both ends of the court.

All-Star Considerations

When asked about his All-Star case for his teammate Domantas Sabonis, Fox praises Sabonis’ versatility and consistent performance. Sabonis demonstrates exceptional all-around skills with his ability to contribute across multiple categories, including points, rebounds, and assists. Fox highlights that Sabonis consistently puts up impressive numbers, even on nights when he may not be at his best, making him a standout player in the league.

As for his own All-Star case, Fox believes he ranks among the best scorers in the NBA. He takes pride in his ability to score effectively and create opportunities for his teammates. However, he clarifies that his ultimate goal is not individual accolades but winning a championship.

Clash of Titans

In a hypothetical scenario where the top American players face off against the top international players, Fox leans toward the American team. He believes that the American side possesses more defensive players capable of guarding their international counterparts, giving them the edge in a five-on-five matchup.

Paris Olympics and Fatherhood

When asked about the possibility of playing in the Paris Olympics, Fox expresses openness to the idea, stating that he would definitely consider it if given the opportunity.

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Reflecting on his experience as a father, Fox describes it as amazing and full of joy. He cherishes the opportunity to witness his son’s growth and development, including his early milestones like walking. Fox’s son, Reign, exhibited his determination by starting to walk at just eight months old, impressing those around him. Fox finds it incredible to see his son’s rapid progress and eagerly anticipates the exciting moments yet to come.

In summary, De’Aaron Fox’s exceptional play and his insights on his All-Star campaign and fatherhood reveal a dedicated and talented athlete. As the Kings continue their quest for success in the NBA, Fox’s contributions both on and off the court make him a vital asset to the team.


Q: How has De’Aaron Fox improved his scoring this season?
A: De’Aaron Fox attributes his scoring improvement to his enhanced three-point shooting, complementing his already strong finishing skills and mid-range game.

Q: Who is the toughest defender he has faced in the NBA?
A: According to Fox, Jaden McDaniels poses the most significant defensive challenge due to his length and anticipation.

Q: Which player has impacted Fox’s development through their defense?
A: Fox credits Jrue Holiday for making him a better player by providing tough defensive matchups and teaching him how to use his body effectively.

Q: How does Fox evaluate the Kings’ progress this season compared to the previous year?
A: While the Kings’ record has improved, Fox believes there is still room for growth and that the team sets higher standards for themselves.

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Q: What is De’Aaron Fox’s case for teammate Domantas Sabonis to be an All-Star?
A: Fox highlights Sabonis’ all-around skills and consistent production, emphasizing his ability to contribute across multiple statistical categories.

Q: What are Fox’s aspirations aside from individual accolades?
A: Although Fox recognizes his own skills and scoring ability, his primary goal is to win a championship rather than focusing solely on personal achievements.

Q: In a hypothetical matchup between top American and international players, who does Fox believe would win?
A: Fox leans toward the American team due to their defensive capabilities and believes they would come out on top in a five-on-five game.

Q: Is Fox considering playing in the Paris Olympics?
A: Fox is open to the idea of participating in the Paris Olympics and would seriously consider the opportunity if presented.


In this insightful interview, De’Aaron Fox shares his experiences and provides valuable insights into his All-Star campaign and his journey as a new father. With notable improvements in his scoring and contributions to the Kings’ success, Fox’s impact on and off the court solidifies his position as a key player in the NBA. As he continues to pursue his goals, Fox’s determination and dedication make him a player to watch in the league.

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