Thursday, 23 May 2024

Sam Presti, Thunder Confident Chet Holmgren is the Latest Star Draft Pick

Sam Presti, the general manager of the Thunder, has a proven track record when it comes to high draft picks. From selecting Kevin Durant as the No. 2 overall pick in 2007 to adding Russell Westbrook at No. 4 in 2008 and James Harden at No. 3 in 2009, Presti has consistently made successful choices. These picks led the Thunder to the NBA Finals in 2012, and all three players were recognized as part of the NBA’s 75th Anniversary team, celebrating the greatest players in league history.

In the latest draft, Presti selected Chet Holmgren from Gonzaga as the No. 2 overall pick. Holmgren, aware of the previous high picks, is determined to forge his own path and not be weighed down by comparisons. He acknowledges the accomplishments of Durant, Westbrook, and Harden but remains focused on his own goals and expectations.

Presti believes that Holmgren is a crucial piece in the Thunder’s future plans. Despite a recent lack of success, with the team missing the playoffs for the past two seasons, Presti sees Holmgren as a player with star potential who can complement the young talent already on the team.

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Holmgren, a versatile 7-footer with a slender build, draws comparisons to Durant due to his playing style. He aims to be a great floor spacer, both vertically and horizontally, contributing through lob threats, three-point shooting, and effective execution of the coach’s strategies. Holmgren looks forward to joining forces with Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Josh Giddey, who have already made their mark on the court.

The Thunder organization believes that with Holmgren’s skills and dedication, along with the existing talent on the team, they can work towards a sustained period of success. Although it may take time to reach that point, Presti is confident that Holmgren’s work ethic and abilities will contribute to the team’s growth and development.

In summary, Sam Presti and the Thunder have high hopes for Chet Holmgren as their latest star draft pick. They see him as a valuable asset who can help propel the team to new heights. Holmgren, while acknowledging the achievements of previous draft picks, is focused on his own goals and eager to contribute to the team’s success. With the right support and development, the Thunder believe Holmgren has the potential to be an important piece in their future plans.