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Stamp of Approval – Isaac Haney — The Basketball Movement

For those who are passionate about basketball, the name Isaac Haney is becoming increasingly familiar. Despite being just a senior at Kickapoo High, Haney has already made a name for himself with his exceptional skills on the court. His determination to win, dedication to improving his game, and unmatched tenacity have earned him The Basketball Movement Stamp of Approval from Rob Yanders.

Haney, who was once the Missouri Class 1 Player of the Year at Dora, has seamlessly transitioned to class 5 Kickapoo, proving that he belongs among the best. It comes as no surprise to anyone who has witnessed his talent in action, whether it be with Yanders Law or elsewhere. Now, Haney has officially signed on to become a Missouri State Bear, further cementing his promising basketball career.

When asked about joining Missouri State, Haney expressed his excitement, saying, “It feels really great. A lot of my life has revolved around the game of basketball. I’ve had tremendous support and guidance from people in my life. While this may not be the end for me, it does feel like a significant moment where I can reflect and express my gratitude for the past 15 years.”

Haney also shared that the proximity of Missouri State to his family’s residence in Springfield played a role in his decision. He added, “Additionally, I was looking to pursue a degree in business, and Missouri State has an exceptional business department.”

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Haney credits Coach Rob Yanders for preparing him for the challenges and intensity of college basketball. He mentioned, “I’ve been discussing with Coach Rob about the college basketball atmosphere, and I can see how my workouts with him have evolved. He has done an excellent job of helping me transition from the high school level to the next level of effectiveness.”

Confidence is a key attribute that Haney believes will make him a valuable player for Missouri State. He stated, “I firmly believe that confidence translates to any level of the game. When a player exudes calm confidence, the team knows they have a chance to win every time they step on the court. I am confident that I can bring this mindset wherever I go.”

Having experienced success at every level he has played, Haney plans to bring a competitive edge and a winning mentality to Missouri State. He considers his time at The Basketball Movement instrumental in cultivating his competitive spirit. Haney remarked, “I found my competitive edge here. Through intense workouts, challenging conversations with Rob, and learning what it takes to be mentally tough, The Basketball Movement has not only sharpened my basketball skills but also my mentality.”

To Coach Rob Yanders and The Basketball Movement trainers, Haney expressed his heartfelt gratitude, saying, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” He acknowledged the impact they had on his confidence and work ethic, crediting them for pushing him to be the best version of himself. Haney recognized the unwavering energy and dedication of the coaches, ensuring that every player gave their all, even on days when motivation was lacking.

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From The Basketball Movement’s perspective, Haney’s work ethic and dedication are undeniable. He is an invaluable asset to any team, and we are proud to give him our Stamp of Approval. We wish him the best of luck as he completes his senior season and embarks on a new chapter as a D1 basketball player at Missouri State University. It is an honor to be associated with you on your journey.




Q: What accolades has Isaac Haney achieved so far?
A: Isaac Haney was named the Missouri Class 1 Player of the Year at Dora.

Q: Why did Isaac Haney choose Missouri State?
A: Haney chose Missouri State because of its proximity to his family’s residence in Springfield and its exceptional business department.

Q: How has The Basketball Movement helped Isaac Haney?
A: The Basketball Movement has played a crucial role in shaping Haney’s competitive edge and developing his mental toughness, preparing him for the challenges of college basketball.

Q: What qualities does Isaac Haney possess that make him a valuable player?
A: Haney’s confidence, competitive nature, and winning mentality make him a valuable player. He believes that confidence translates to success at any level of the game.


Isaac Haney, a talented basketball player, has earned The Basketball Movement’s Stamp of Approval for his exceptional skills and unwavering determination. From his early success as the Missouri Class 1 Player of the Year to his current journey at Kickapoo High, Haney has proven his worth on the court.

His decision to join Missouri State University was influenced by the university’s proximity to his family and its outstanding business department. Haney credits Coach Rob Yanders and The Basketball Movement for preparing him mentally and physically for the challenges ahead.

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Haney’s confidence, competitive nature, and winning mentality make him a valuable player. The Basketball Movement recognizes his extraordinary work ethic and proudly supports him on his journey to success.

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