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Thunder-Bulls: 5 Key Takeaways from Chet Holmgren’s Debut

The Oklahoma City Thunder recently secured a decisive 124-104 victory over the Chicago Bulls at United Center. Following the game, the Thunder team held a players-only meeting, focusing on their performance and discussing key takeaways from the matchup. Here, we explore five prominent observations from this exciting game.

Can Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Be the Next MVP?

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander showcased a stellar performance during the game, impressing fans and basketball enthusiasts alike. With 31 points, 10 assists, and five rebounds, Gilgeous-Alexander demonstrated his potential to become a top contender for the prestigious Kia Most Valuable Player (MVP) award. His selfless playstyle and impressive skills make him a force to be reckoned with. As an All-Star last season and a key player for Team Canada in the FIBA World Cup, Gilgeous-Alexander continues to push himself towards MVP recognition.

Chet Holmgren Makes His Long-Awaited Debut

Chet Holmgren, the highly anticipated rookie, finally made his NBA debut for the Thunder. Despite not receiving as much attention as other rookies in the league, Holmgren showcased his talent, proving he is worth the wait. In his first game, he scored 11 points, grabbed four rebounds, and contributed three assists and a steal. Holmgren’s solid performance and efficiency on the court demonstrated his ability to handle pressure and challenges from more experienced players. With Holmgren’s potential, the Thunder have a promising future ahead.

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Bulls’ Lack of Transformation

The Bulls’ lineup remained largely unchanged from last season, with only minor tweaks to the roster. This lack of significant offseason moves may have contributed to a sense of stagnation among the team. Despite the presence of talented players like DeMar DeRozan, Zach LaVine, and Nikola Vucevic, the Bulls struggled to find their rhythm in this game. Their inconsistent performance raises questions about their ability to compete at a high level. However, it’s worth noting that it’s only the beginning of the season, and the Bulls have ample time to bounce back and make necessary adjustments.

Thunder’s Exciting Potential

In contrast to the Bulls, the Thunder showcased immense potential and excitement. With a deep roster, a mix of youth and experience, and an abundance of future draft picks, the Thunder are poised to become one of the most thrilling teams in the NBA. Coach Mark Daigneault has successfully instilled a defense-first mentality in his team, and the addition of Chet Holmgren provides them with even more versatility and options. While the absence of veteran players may be a concern for some, the Thunder’s young core, including Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Holmgren, Josh Giddey, Jalen Williams, and Luguentz Dort, is determined to prove their worth and make a playoff push.

Long Season Ahead

As Coach Daigneault wisely pointed out, it’s essential to maintain perspective during the early stages of the season. The first game brings excitement and anticipation, but with 98.8% of the season remaining, it’s crucial not to overreact to one game’s outcome. Both the Thunder and the Bulls have ample time to evaluate, learn, and grow as the season progresses. Each game offers valuable lessons and opportunities for improvement. It’s important to remember that success in the NBA is a long-term process, and teams must approach each game with a growth mindset.

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Q: How did Shai Gilgeous-Alexander perform in the game?

A: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander had an outstanding performance, scoring 31 points, recording 10 assists, and grabbing five rebounds. His selfless playstyle and impressive skill set make him a strong contender for the MVP award.

Q: How did Chet Holmgren perform in his NBA debut?

A: Chet Holmgren showcased his talent in his debut game, scoring 11 points, grabbing four rebounds, and contributing three assists and a steal. Despite the physical challenges presented by more experienced players, Holmgren displayed composure and versatility on the court.

Q: What are the Bulls’ prospects for the season?

A: The Bulls’ performance in this game raised concerns about their ability to compete at a high level. However, it’s important to note that it’s only the beginning of the season, and the team has time to make the necessary adjustments and find their rhythm.

Q: What makes the Thunder an exciting team?

A: The Thunder possess an exciting mix of depth, youth, and talent. With a coach who emphasizes a defense-first mentality and the addition of promising rookies like Chet Holmgren, the Thunder have the potential to become one of the most thrilling teams in the NBA.

Q: How important is the first game of the season?

A: While the first game carries excitement and expectations, it’s crucial to maintain perspective. With a long season ahead, teams have ample time to evaluate, learn, and grow. Each game offers valuable lessons and opportunities for improvement.


In the Thunder-Bulls game, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander showcased MVP potential, Chet Holmgren made an impressive debut, and the Bulls faced challenges due to a lack of offseason changes. The Thunder, with their exciting potential, are determined to compete in the rugged Western Conference. It’s important to remember that the first game of the season is just the beginning, and teams have a long journey ahead. The NBA season offers valuable lessons and growth opportunities for all teams involved.

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