Thursday, 23 May 2024

Warriors: What’s New, Season Prediction & 2024 Free Agents

The Golden State Warriors are gearing up for another exciting season, with their core players Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green leading the charge. This dynamic trio has been instrumental in shaping the team’s success over the years, and they continue to be a force to be reckoned with.

What’s New?

The Warriors have made some notable changes during the offseason to strengthen their roster. One significant addition is Chris Paul, who brings his veteran experience and basketball IQ to the team’s backcourt. The challenge for the Warriors will be finding the right role for Paul to maximize his impact on the court. Additionally, Jordan Poole has been traded to the Washington Wizards, providing him with a fresh start and the opportunity to flourish in a new environment. In the front office, Mike Dunleavy has taken the reins as the new decision-maker, replacing Bob Myers.

How Far Can the Warriors Go?

While the days of complete Warrior dominance may be behind them, that doesn’t mean they won’t be a competitive force in the league. As long as Curry continues to perform at an MVP level and Thompson and Draymond maintain their championship mindset, the Warriors will remain in the mix. The key variable is Chris Paul and how much of an impact he can make on the team.

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1 Player That Must Take a Leap

Jonathan Kuminga is a young player the Warriors took a chance on, and now it’s time for him to step up. After spending time in the development system, Kuminga needs to become a rotational factor for the team. Playing alongside Chris Paul in the pick-and-roll will undoubtedly help unlock his potential.

In-Season Tournament

The Warriors find themselves in West Group C for the In-Season Tournament. If you’re unfamiliar with how the tournament works, here’s a quick refresher: [explanation of the tournament format].

Upcoming Free Agents

Looking ahead to 2024, the Warriors will have four players hitting free agency. Corey Joseph, Dario Saric, Klay Thompson, and Lester Quinones will all be seeking new contracts. All eyes are on Thompson, as negotiations could potentially become tricky. After spending most of his previous contract extension recovering from injuries, it remains to be seen how the Warriors will approach his new deal.

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Q: What are the Warriors’ chances of winning another championship?

A: While the Warriors’ dominance may have slightly diminished, they still possess a formidable lineup with Curry, Thompson, and Green leading the charge. If they can stay healthy and make the most of their additions, such as Chris Paul, they have a genuine shot at contending for the title.

Q: Who is the key player to watch for the Warriors this season?

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A: Jonathan Kuminga is a player to keep an eye on this season. He’s a promising young talent who needs to step up and contribute to the team’s success. Playing alongside Chris Paul will provide him with the opportunity to showcase his skills and potentially make a significant impact on the court.

Q: How do the In-Season Tournaments work in the NBA?

A: The In-Season Tournaments add an exciting twist to the regular NBA season. The teams are divided into different groups, and they compete against each other in a tournament format. The winners of each group advance to the playoffs, where they battle for the tournament championship. It’s an excellent way to spice up the season and provide fans with additional high-stakes basketball.


The Golden State Warriors are poised for another thrilling season as they embark on their quest for success. With their star players Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green leading the way, the Warriors remain a force to be reckoned with in the NBA. The addition of Chris Paul brings a wealth of experience to the team, and young players like Jonathan Kuminga have the chance to shine alongside these veterans.

Fans can expect an exciting journey as the Warriors compete in the In-Season Tournament and aim for another championship run. As the season progresses, all eyes will be on the upcoming free agents in 2024, including Klay Thompson, as negotiations unfold. Stay tuned to for the latest updates and join us in supporting the Warriors on their path to greatness.

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