Monday, 24 Jun 2024

Yanders Law UAA Rise Wrap-up: A Promising Showcase of Talent

Yanders Law (17u) recently concluded an impressive performance at the UAA Rise Circuit in Cartersville, GA. The young men of Yanders Law showcased their skills and caught the attention of numerous college coaches. The Basketball Movement reported on this exciting event over the course of the weekend, and the final two days provided even more thrilling action.

Key players from Yanders Law stood out during the tournament. Zach Howell (6’5 G/F) displayed his high potential with impressive shooting performances. Cam Liggins (6’4 G) not only contributed offensively but also stood out with his renewed focus on defense. Sincere Malone (6’8 G/F), a newcomer to the team, showed his versatility and ability to consistently produce double-doubles. Kanon Gipson (6’3 PG) showcased his rebounding skills, while Logan Applegate (6’2 G) demonstrated his elite distribution abilities.

Tyler Harmon (6’2 G) proved his defensive prowess and shooting ability, while Jonathan Dunn (6’7 F) continued to excel in the paint. Corey Williams (6’2 G) and Elijah Whitley (6’3 G) also made valuable contributions to the team’s success.

Yanders Law is excited about their progress and looks forward to their upcoming games in Dallas, TX. Be sure to follow their journey on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for highlights and updates. Stay tuned for more exciting performances from this talented squad!

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Q: How did Yanders Law perform at the UAA Rise Circuit?
A: Yanders Law had a successful run at the UAA Rise Circuit, finishing with an impressive 5-2 record against tough competition. Their wins were notable, and even their losses were closely contested. The team showcased their skills and caught the attention of college coaches from major programs.

Q: Who were the standout players from Yanders Law?
A: Several players from Yanders Law showcased their talent during the UAA Rise Circuit. Zach Howell impressed with his shooting abilities, while Cam Liggins displayed a renewed focus on defense. Sincere Malone stood out with his consistent double-double performances, and Kanon Gipson demonstrated his rebounding skills. Logan Applegate showcased his ability to distribute the ball effectively.


Yanders Law had an outstanding showing at the UAA Rise Circuit, with their players raising their stock and catching the attention of college coaches. Standout performances from Zach Howell, Cam Liggins, Sincere Malone, Kanon Gipson, Logan Applegate, Tyler Harmon, Jonathan Dunn, Corey Williams, and Elijah Whitley contributed to the team’s success. Follow Yanders Law on social media for highlights and updates on their upcoming games in Dallas, TX. Don’t miss out on the exciting performances from this talented squad!

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