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2018 NBA Draft pick Alize Johnson – The Basketball Movement

The basketball world was abuzz when Missouri State alum Alize Johnson was selected in the 2018 NBA Draft. As the first Missouri State Bear to be chosen since Winston Garland in 1987, Johnson is a versatile player destined for success at the professional level. After the draft, The Basketball Movement had the chance to catch up with him to discuss his journey and future plans.

A Rising Star

Missouri State basketball fans are well aware of Johnson’s talents. He is not only a capable scorer but also a dominant rebounder, despite his ability to play as a stretch-big. With his size and quickness, he can guard multiple positions, making him a valuable asset for NBA teams.

A Dream Come True

Johnson’s summer has been packed with workouts for 12 NBA teams across the country. He described the experience as a “dream come true,” getting the chance to visit various facilities and meet key personnel.

Meeting the Greats

During his journey, Johnson has had the opportunity to meet legendary players. He spoke about meeting Magic Johnson in Los Angeles and being starstruck by someone with such experience. He also mentioned players like Dante DiVincenzo and De’Aaron Fox, who have served as both inspirations and opponents.

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The Draft Experience

Getting drafted is a monumental moment in any basketball player’s career. Johnson shared his emotional experience and expressed gratitude for the chance to play with the best in the world.

“It felt like a dream. I have worked extremely hard and been through a lot with my family. It was an emotional night, but now I’m looking forward to getting to play with the best players in the world.” – Alize Johnson

The Next Step

With the NBA Summer League on the horizon, Johnson is focused on impressing teams with his versatility and adaptability. He is committed to filling any role required, whether it’s playing as a small forward or power forward.

Alize Johnson and The Basketball Movement

Johnson’s connection with The Basketball Movement began during his time at Missouri State. He heard that this was the place where local players came to receive high-quality training. Johnson praised Rob Yanders, the founder of The Basketball Movement, for his expertise and genuine character.

“Rob is a great guy – very genuine. He can explain how to work out efficiently for you specifically. He’s a great trainer but an even better dude.” – Alize Johnson on Rob Yanders

Advice for Up-and-Coming Players

When asked what advice he would give to aspiring players, Johnson emphasized the importance of using resources like Rob Yanders. He also stressed the significance of character, humility, hard work, and faith.

Final Words

We wish Alize Johnson the best of luck in his NBA career. Make sure to tune in to the NBA Summer League to see him in action. If you’re looking to take your basketball skills to the next level, don’t hesitate to contact The Basketball Movement.

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