Wednesday, 24 Apr 2024

Desmond Polk commits to SIU Edwardsville — The Basketball Movement

Desmond Polk, a dedicated athlete at The Basketball Movement gym, has recently made a significant commitment to his basketball career. The talented player has chosen to join the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) team, taking his game to the next level.

Polk’s journey to this achievement hasn’t been easy. As a player at Link Year Prep, he faced challenges along the way. However, the support and determination of Coach Brian Barone and the SIUE team made a lasting impression on him.

Reflecting on his recruitment process, Polk shares, “My recruitment took a hit last summer. I wasn’t performing and needed to rebuild myself. SIUE stuck with me.” Grateful for their loyalty, Polk has been working relentlessly to prove that SIUE made the right choice by believing in him.

While he hasn’t met his new teammates yet, Polk eagerly anticipates joining them on campus to start training and playing together. He recognizes the importance of strength in elevating his performance, stating, “Everyone at this level has to get bigger, faster, and stronger.” Polk is focusing on improving his ball handling, consistent shooting, and becoming a more aggressive player.

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The Basketball Movement has played a crucial role in Polk’s development. He praises Coach Rob Yanders for his assistance in refining his jump shot, making it more comfortable and improving ball rotation. Yanders has also guided him in becoming a more dynamic attacker on offense, emphasizing the importance of a north/south mentality.

Polk’s progress at The Basketball Movement is evident, and his commitment to SIUE is a testament to his growth as a player. We congratulate Desmond on this accomplishment and eagerly await his continued success in his basketball career.

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