Thursday, 23 May 2024

Evolution of a Hooper – Out now! — The Basketball Movement

ICYMI: Robert Yanders’ Evolution of a Hooper program is available for coaches, trainers, players, and parents.

The Evolution of a Hooper is an incredible opportunity for anyone involved in the sport of basketball who wants to enhance their skills. This comprehensive program, created by Robert Yanders, Founder of The Basketball Movement, offers a wide range of on-court drills that coaches, trainers, and players can benefit from. These drills have been carefully developed and perfected by Robert over the years, and they have proven to be effective in elevating the performance of NBA players, college athletes, high school players, and even younger athletes.

In addition to the on-court curriculum, the Evolution of a Hooper program also includes an off-court curriculum that focuses on various aspects of life. As Robert Yanders wisely says, “The person is the player.” By optimizing your circle of friends, setting goals, and approaching life with the right mindset, you can translate that balance and success onto the basketball court.

A Complete Program for All Basketball Enthusiasts

The Evolution of a Hooper program is designed to cater to the needs of parents as well. The “Midwife” section of the curriculum provides guidance for parents who want to support their athletes by doing the right things and allowing coaches and players to take the reins when necessary. This section isn’t about parenting techniques, but rather about maximizing your impact on your athlete’s performance.

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This program is constantly evolving and soon will be accompanied by a documentary that highlights Robert Yanders’ journey in the sport of basketball. Every step of his life has been intertwined with basketball, and he is dedicated to helping others maximize their potential as coaches, athletes, and individuals.

With weekly drill uploads and a wealth of supplementary materials, the Evolution of a Hooper program stands out from the rest. Whether you’re an aspiring hooper yourself or you want to support a coach or athlete in your life, this program is a must-have resource that will undoubtedly help you reach your full potential.

Give it a try this shopping season – you won’t regret it. Click here to get started with the Evolution of a Hooper program or download the Patreon app (available for Apple and Android) and search for The Evolution of a Hooper.

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