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Horry Scale: AJ Griffin’s Breathtaking Buzzer-Beater Stuns Bulls with Inbounds Alley-Oop

The Horry Scale measures the greatness of a game-winning buzzer-beater by evaluating its difficulty, game situation, importance, and celebration. Today, we witness another jaw-dropping performance by AJ Griffin, Atlanta Hawks’ rookie swingman, who delivers a remarkable layup at the final second of the game.

A Thrilling Finish

It was an exhilarating game in Atlanta, with three lead changes and only one second left on the clock. Trae Young’s step-back 3-pointer, DeMar DeRozan’s three free throws, and AJ Griffin’s buzzer-beating layup all occurred within that remaining second. The outcome? A 123-122 victory for the Hawks, leaving fans both in the arena and watching from afar in awe.

Griffin’s Impressive Record

Griffin’s game-winning layup against the Bulls marks his second of the season. In just 31 days, he has achieved more last-second heroics than most players do in their entire careers.

The Game Situation

With one second left, Trae Young nailed a step-back 3-pointer, giving the Hawks a two-point lead. The Bulls had a chance to respond when DeMar DeRozan was fouled shooting a 3-pointer. He calmly sank all three free throws, putting the Bulls ahead by one with just 0.5 seconds remaining.

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AJ Griffin’s Heroic Play

The Hawks initially struggled to inbound the ball, but a timeout provided an opportunity to regroup. Jalen Johnson, standing at 6-foot-8, stepped in as the new inbounder. What followed was pure showmanship. Griffin utilized a well-executed back screen, swiftly changing direction as he exited the paint. Johnson threw a perfect lob, placing it where only Griffin could reach. Griffin caught the pass over his shoulder, contorted his body, and released a difficult shot that softly rolled along the rim and in. The control he displayed was simply extraordinary.

The Celebration

As the ball fell through the net, the Atlanta bench erupted in celebration. Griffin was immediately swarmed by his teammates, with Justin Holiday leading the charge. The joyous pile-on continued, showcasing the team’s unity and excitement.

The Horry Scale Rating

This game-winner had all the elements of a thrilling regular-season play. The dramatic swings in momentum, the nail-biting first inbounds attempt, the perfect pass, and Griffin’s incredible body control all contribute to a remarkable performance. With all these factors considered, we award this play a well-deserved rating of 4.5 Horrys.


How many game-winning layups has AJ Griffin made this season?

AJ Griffin has already achieved two game-winning layups this season, an impressive feat for a rookie.

How did AJ Griffin make the winning shot against the Bulls?

Griffin utilized a perfect lob pass from Jalen Johnson, catching the ball over his shoulder, and released a difficult shot with exceptional body control.

Why was the celebration so intense after the winning shot?

The Atlanta Hawks’ bench exploded with excitement, swarming AJ Griffin to celebrate his awe-inspiring game-winner. The sheer joy and unity were palpable among the team.

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AJ Griffin’s breathtaking buzzer-beater layup against the Bulls left fans in awe. It was a game filled with lead changes and thrilling moments, with Griffin’s heroics sealing a 123-122 victory for the Hawks. This marks his second game-winning layup of the season, further solidifying his reputation as a clutch player. The play itself was a masterpiece, with Griffin displaying exceptional body control and a difficult shot release. The team’s celebration after the shot showcased their unity and excitement. This unforgettable regular-season play earns a well-deserved rating of 4.5 Horrys. Visit for more thrilling NBA moments.