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Jahad Thomas – The Basketball Movement

Jahad Thomas, an aspiring basketball player with dreams of making it to the NBA, has been working tirelessly to achieve his goals. Originally from Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Thomas made a strong impact during his time at UMass Lowell, consistently improving his performance each season.

Standing at 6’2″, Thomas possesses a high level of energy and fearlessness on the court, demonstrated by his impressive rebounding numbers. However, he believes that his greatest growth as a player has come from developing his intangible skills, such as leadership and positivity.

Thomas was introduced to Rob Yanders and The Basketball Movement through his friend Alize Johnson, who is now playing for the Indiana Pacers. Upon meeting Yanders, Thomas was immediately impressed by his approach and the way he treated him like a longtime friend.

Recognizing the value of mentorship, Thomas eagerly absorbs knowledge and guidance from Yanders and other experienced players. He understands that continuous learning, hard work, and taking care of his body are crucial elements for his development as a player.

Thomas’s dedication and commitment to improvement have earned him high praise from Yanders. In fact, Thomas attributes a significant portion of his growth to Yanders, who has taught him valuable lessons about professionalism, communication, and building connections.

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With each passing day, Thomas pushes himself to break through his own limits and reach new heights as a basketball player. His aim is to become a well-rounded player who can adapt to any situation on the court.

Thomas acknowledges that the journey to the NBA may not always be smooth, but he remains focused and committed to his goals. Yanders has taught him the importance of establishing and maintaining effective routines, as well as knowing when to push hard and when to take a step back.

Although Thomas may seem laid-back, he is a true gym enthusiast who is constantly honing his skills. His admiration for Yanders and his training methods speaks volumes about the impact The Basketball Movement has had on Thomas’s game.

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Q: How did Jahad Thomas hear about The Basketball Movement?

A: Jahad Thomas learned about The Basketball Movement through his friend Alize Johnson, who was already associated with the organization.

Q: What has Jahad Thomas gained from his experiences with The Basketball Movement?

A: Jahad Thomas has acquired valuable intangible skills, such as leadership and positivity, in addition to honing his basketball abilities.


Jahad Thomas, a driven and talented basketball player, has set his sights on reaching the NBA. Through his persistent efforts and dedication, Thomas has continued to improve his skills and performance throughout his collegiate career. The Basketball Movement, headed by Rob Yanders, has played a significant role in Thomas’s journey, providing him with valuable mentorship and guidance. Thomas recognizes the importance of developing both tangible and intangible skills, and he continues to work hard to achieve his goals. The Basketball Movement offers a transformative basketball experience for those seeking to elevate their game. Visit their website here to embark on your own basketball journey.

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