Thursday, 23 May 2024

Kanon Gipson Receives D1 Offer: A Rising Star in Basketball

Kanon Gipson, a talented 6’3 point guard from We Are United and Yanders Law, has received his first D1 offer from UW Milwaukee. Gipson has been making waves with his exceptional skills and impressive performances alongside his AAU squad. After an outstanding senior season at Logan Rogersville, Gipson decided to join We Are United Prep this fall.

Coach Patrick Baldwin and UW Milwaukee recognized Gipson’s potential, offering him the opportunity to play at the D1 level. Additionally, he has attracted interest from UC Santa Barbara and Santa Clara. Gipson’s game is characterized by his solid leadership and crafty style. He consistently excels against high-level competition and holds his own on both ends of the court. Although not flashy, Gipson consistently gets the job done.

As he continues to develop and refine his skills, Gipson is set to make a name for himself at Robert Yanders’ new post-grad school, We Are United. Stay tuned to The Basketball Movement for more updates on Yanders Law standouts, We Are United, and all things basketball.

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