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Payton Henson – The Basketball Movement

Payton Henson: Working Hard to Achieve a Professional Hoops Career at The Basketball Movement

Payton Henson, originally from Arkansas, has found his summer home at The Basketball Movement. In his pursuit of a professional basketball career, Henson is dedicated, humble, and confident. He understands the importance of putting in the work to take his game to the next level.

Growing up, Henson played against DaShaun Stark, who is also training intensively at The Basketball Movement this summer under the guidance of Rob Yanders. Henson initially came to The Basketball Movement in search of a place to work out and found a premier training destination in the Midwest.

One of the standout aspects of The Movement is the professionalism that is apparent from the start. Henson has gained valuable knowledge about playing the game at the next level through his experiences here.

Taking Henson’s Game to New Heights

When asked about how The Basketball Movement is aiding his training and preparation, Henson highlighted several key factors: proper nutrition, recovery strategies, and continual improvement. With the customized workouts provided by Rob, players are able to enhance their skills and see daily progress.

As Henson has matured, he has learned to take treatment and dieting seriously. Eating healthier and prioritizing recovery through stretching have been eye-opening experiences during his time at The Basketball Movement.

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Henson’s collegiate career was impressive, with notable achievements at Tulane University and the University of Vermont. He showcased his skills by shooting 81 percent from the free-throw line in his final two seasons, consistently scoring in double digits, and maintaining a 40 percent three-point shooting average in his senior year.

What’s Next for Payton Henson?

When asked about his aspirations as a player, Henson’s response was clear: he aims to play at the highest level. He is willing to take it step by step until he secures his first professional contract.

Henson’s journey to the pros is currently a waiting game. He has the option to pursue opportunities in the NBA G-League or receive offers from overseas teams, with potential interest already shown from Germany, Spain, and France. Henson remains driven to elevate his game to the next stage, and The Basketball Movement has played a significant role in his development.

In one of his most memorable moments, Henson led his team to victory during the championship game of his junior year. Despite being behind, he made a crucial and-one basket with 30 seconds left, securing the win and a place in the NCAA Tournament.

Payton Henson is an experienced, articulate, and determined player. His dedication, combined with the support he receives from The Basketball Movement, makes him a promising prospect for those who recognize his potential.

All statistics sourced from ESPN.


Q: How has Payton Henson’s experience at The Basketball Movement shaped his game?
A: The Basketball Movement has provided Henson with professional training and guidance to enhance his skills, nutrition, and recovery strategies. Through his time at The Movement, Henson has gained valuable knowledge on taking his game to the next level.

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Q: What are Payton Henson’s aspirations as a player?
A: Henson aspires to play at the highest level and secure his first professional contract. He is determined to take the necessary steps to achieve his goals.

Q: What are some of Payton Henson’s notable accomplishments during his collegiate career?
A: Henson consistently showcased his skills throughout his collegiate career, with notable achievements including an 81 percent free-throw shooting average in his final two seasons, double-digit scoring figures, and a 40 percent three-point shooting average in his senior year.


Payton Henson is a dedicated and talented basketball player who is working hard to achieve a professional hoops career. His summer training at The Basketball Movement has provided him with the guidance and support needed to take his skills to the next level. Through customized workouts, proper nutrition, and a focus on recovery, Henson has learned invaluable lessons that will aid him in his journey. With aspirations of playing at the highest level, Henson is patiently waiting for his next opportunity, be it in the NBA G-League or overseas. His experiences and successes highlight his determination and drive to succeed.

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