Thursday, 23 May 2024

We Are United Prep: Building a Strong Basketball Community

The inaugural school year of We Are United prep is well underway, and the excitement is palpable among the young men who have joined this promising program. Led by Head Coach Rob Yanders and his dedicated coaching staff, the players have already begun their training at The Basketball Movement facility in Nixa, Missouri.

The day starts with a invigorating four-mile run, followed by a break for lunch and online classes. After some light stretching and shooting practice, the players are divided into teams for 5-on-5 runs. As the games commence, expectations are set high, and the players showcase their skills. Kanon Gipson, a talented guard standing at 6’3″, leads the offense, while Jonathan Dunn, a 6’7″ forward, demonstrates his outside shooting prowess.

While some players have been training at The Basketball Movement for years, others are still getting acquainted with Coach Yanders’ relentless style and high expectations. The goal for these young men extends beyond on-court success – they are here to grow both as athletes and individuals.

Assistant Coach Craig Smith emphasizes the importance of hard work and earning opportunities. He believes that instilling this mentality in the players is one of the most valuable lessons they can learn. The coaching staff, which also includes Assistant Head Coach Sly Yanders, Craig Smith, and Emmanuel Brookshire, is committed to fostering a strong community within the We Are United program.

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In order to provide a conducive environment for the players, We Are United has arranged housing for them in a gated community on the south side of Springfield. This level of support is unprecedented in the area and reflects the dedication of Coach Rob Yanders to his program and the community.

On September 9th, college coaches will have the opportunity to evaluate the talents of these young athletes. Coach Yanders has already received interest from programs across the country, highlighting the potential these players possess. Stay tuned for updates on offers, developments, and all things We Are United right here at The Basketball Movement.

Join us in supporting this exciting venture as We Are United builds a thriving basketball community, one player at a time.

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