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Q&A: Broadcasting Legend Marv Albert Reflects on his Illustrious Career

Marv Albert, a broadcasting icon with an impressive 55-year career, has been at the forefront of sports commentary, showcasing his distinct voice and authoritative style. From basketball to hockey, Albert’s expertise and enduring charm have made him a household name in the industry. As he prepares to retire after the conference finals, let’s dive into his remarkable journey and memorable moments.

A Passion Ignited

Albert’s journey began in the third grade when he aspired to be a sportscaster. However, he initially found himself as a rock and roll disc jockey during his college years at Syracuse. It was there that he developed a passion for broadcasting and soon crossed paths with the legendary Marty Glickman, who became his mentor.

From Knicks Ballboy to Broadcast Star

Albert’s career took off when he became the radio fill-in for Glickman, eventually landing his first game at the age of 21. He later became the full-time announcer for the Knicks, both on radio and television, succeeding his mentor Glickman. Throughout his career, Albert honed his distinctive style, characterized by his dry wit, impeccable timing, and the ability to let the game speak for itself.

The Voice of the Game

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Albert’s distinct catchphrases became a staple of his commentary. His dramatic pause followed by “Yes…and it counts!” after a player’s scored and got fouled became an iconic trademark. His popular phrase “from way downtown” perfectly captured the essence of long-range shots, despite the irony that most three-pointers are taken from uptown.

A Mentor and an Idol

Albert’s enduring presence in the NBA earned him a well-deserved spot in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. Often compared to legendary announcer Vin Scully, Albert’s longevity, talent, and professionalism have made him an inspiration to countless broadcasters in the industry.

Cherished Memories and Unforgettable Encounters

Throughout his career, Albert had the opportunity to interview a range of notable figures, including US President Barack Obama. His appearances on popular shows like Late Night with David Letterman and The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson further cemented his place in popular culture.

The Greatest Moments

From Michael Jordan’s incredible reverse-hand layup in the 1991 NBA Finals to Willis Reed’s iconic comeback from injury in the 1970 Finals, Albert has witnessed some of the most memorable moments in basketball history. His contribution to these moments with his captivating voice has made his commentary synonymous with these highlights.

The Legacy Continues

As Albert embarks on his well-deserved retirement, he believes it’s time to pass the torch to the next generation of broadcasters. While he remains in good shape and continues to follow the game, he wants to step aside gracefully, avoiding any decline in his performance.

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Marv Albert’s voice has echoed through the airwaves for over half a century, enriching the sports-watching experience for millions of fans. His legacy as an authoritative, witty, and engaging commentator will forever hold a special place in the hearts of sports enthusiasts everywhere.


Q: What catchphrases is Marv Albert known for?
A: Marv Albert is known for catchphrases such as “Yes…and it counts!” and “from way downtown,” which have become synonymous with his unique style of commentary.

Q: Who mentored Marv Albert?
A: Marty Glickman, a renowned sports announcer in New York, played a significant role in mentoring Marv Albert and shaping his broadcasting career.

Q: What are some of Marv Albert’s most memorable moments?
A: Marv Albert has had the privilege of commentating on various historic events, including Michael Jordan’s remarkable reverse-hand layup in the 1991 NBA Finals and Willis Reed’s inspiring comeback from injury in the 1970 Finals.

Q: Why is Marv Albert retiring?
A: After 55 years of broadcasting excellence, Marv Albert believes it is the right time to retire and allow the next generation of broadcasters to shine. He wants to gracefully step aside while still in good shape and to spend more time with his family.


Marv Albert, a broadcasting legend with an illustrious 55-year career, has left an indelible mark on sports commentary. From his distinctive catchphrases to his iconic moments behind the microphone, Albert’s authoritative style and charismatic presence have made him an icon in the broadcasting industry. As he prepares to retire, his legacy as a mentor, an idol, and a trusted voice in sports will continue to inspire future generations of broadcasters.

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