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2023 All-Star Charity Beneficiaries Work to Support Utah’s Youth

A collaboration between the NBA and two impactful organizations aims to make a difference in the lives of Utah’s youth.

In just a short car ride from Salt Lake City, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah and Raise the Future have been working tirelessly to support and uplift the community’s youth. Now, with the help of Team LeBron and Team Giannis, they are set to receive support during the 2023 NBA All-Star Game.

During the game, both teams will collectively donate nearly a million dollars to local youth and family-serving organizations. The youth from these organizations will also have the opportunity to participate in various All-Star activities, including practice and attending the game to cheer on their respective teams.

Here’s a closer look at the remarkable work done by Raise the Future and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah.

Raise the Future

Raise the Future has a mission to ensure that every youth has at least one caring adult by their side. For the past 37 years, they have been serving the Salt Lake City community by providing loving homes for children in foster care and supporting adoptive families.

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Laura Palmer, a mother of five who adopted four boys, emphasized the crucial role that Raise the Future has played in their lives. With their post-adoption resources, her family has gained hope and learned how to effectively parent children with specialized needs. Raise the Future has helped her children find their voice and overcome the challenges they face.

According to Raise the Future, the care provided correlates to positive outcomes for young people. They are more likely to pursue higher education, with 110% of youth going to college, and 75% achieving higher incomes. However, there are still 979 children awaiting homes as of February 9.

Ann Ayers, the CEO of Raise the Future, believes that the NBA’s support serves as a reminder to these children that they have great value in the world. It reinforces their worthiness of being seen by superstars and being part of a team, which can have a profound impact on their self-esteem and future outlooks.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah

KayC Jolley’s life changed when he joined Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah at the age of 12. Through the organization, he was paired with his Big Brother, Scott, who became a significant influence in his life. Now, three decades later, Jolley and Scott still maintain a strong bond.

Growing up in a chaotic household with a single mother and two siblings, Jolley found inspiration in Scott’s journey. Seeing him go to college and start his own company gave Jolley a glimpse into what his own future could hold. This mentorship provided him with opportunities and perspectives that he would not have otherwise encountered.

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BBBSU has facilitated many other successful pairings, with staff providing ongoing support to both the “Bigs” and “Littles” involved. Their efforts have resulted in impressive outcomes, such as a 95% high school graduation rate among the “Littles,” a 98% avoidance of substance abuse, and 92% reporting consistent or improved emotional regulation abilities.

For BBBSU, their goal is to defend the potential of every child who needs and wants a mentor. Through the partnership with the NBA during All-Star weekend, they hope to raise awareness about the urgent need for mentors. Currently, there are 81 young people in the Salt Lake City area waiting for a mentor, and over 33,000 across the country.

By providing financial support and raising the profile of mentoring, they aim to encourage more people to volunteer as mentors and make a positive impact on the lives of the youth they serve.

For more information on Raise the Future and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, visit their respective websites. To stay updated on the All-Star events, check out the full schedule starting on February 17.


Q: How can I get involved with Raise the Future and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah?
A: To get involved with Raise the Future, you can visit their website and find information on how to support their mission. Likewise, if you’re interested in becoming a mentor or volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, their website provides details on the application process.

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Q: How do the NBA teams support these organizations during the All-Star Game?
A: Both Team LeBron and Team Giannis will donate a significant amount of money to support BBBSU and Raise the Future. The youth from these organizations will also have special opportunities to participate in All-Star activities, immersing themselves in the excitement and inspiration of the event.


In the 2023 NBA All-Star Game, the NBA teams will unite to support two remarkable organizations, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah and Raise the Future. These organizations work tirelessly to impact the lives of Utah’s youth, providing caring mentors and resources to children in need. With the support of the NBA, both organizations can continue to make a difference and raise awareness about the importance of mentorship. If you’re interested in getting involved or learning more, visit the websites of Raise the Future and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah. Together, we can inspire and ignite the potential of every child.