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Season Review: 1957-58


The NBA made significant strides in solidifying its status as a major league during the 1957-58 season. The Fort Wayne Pistons relocated to Detroit, while the Rochester Royals moved to Cincinnati. This move helped establish the league’s presence in metropolitan areas with larger populations.

One standout player of the season was George Yardley of the Detroit Pistons, who led the league in scoring and became the first player to score over 2,000 points in a single season. Another notable achievement came from Dolph Schayes of the Syracuse Nationals, who surpassed George Mikan as the NBA’s all-time leading scorer.

In terms of team performance, the Boston Celtics and St. Louis Hawks were the dominant forces in the East and West divisions, respectively. Both teams finished eight games ahead of their closest competitors in a 72-game season.

During the playoffs, Boston defeated Philadelphia in the Eastern Division finals, while St. Louis emerged victorious against Detroit in the Western Division finals. In a thrilling NBA Finals series, the St. Louis Hawks defeated the Boston Celtics in six games to claim the league title.

Season Leaders

  • Points: George Yardley, Detroit Pistons (27.8)
  • Rebounds: Bill Russell, Boston Celtics (22.7)
  • Assists: Bob Cousy, Boston Celtics (7.1)
  • Field Goal Percentage: Jack Twyman, Cincinnati Royals (45.2)
  • Free Throw Percentage: Dolph Schayes, Syracuse Nationals (90.4)
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Award Winners

  • Most Valuable Player: Bill Russell, Boston Celtics
  • Rookie of the Year: Woody Sauldsberry, Philadelphia Warriors
  • All-Star Game MVP: Bob Pettit, St. Louis Hawks


Q: Who was the leading scorer of the 1957-58 season?

A: George Yardley of the Detroit Pistons led the league in scoring during the 1957-58 season.

Q: Which team won the NBA Finals in 1958?

A: The St. Louis Hawks emerged victorious in the NBA Finals, defeating the Boston Celtics in a six-game series.


The 1957-58 NBA season marked a significant period of growth for the league. With the relocation of teams to larger metropolitan areas, the NBA solidified its status as a major league. George Yardley’s exceptional scoring ability and Dolph Schayes’ record-breaking achievement added excitement to the season. The dominant performances of the Boston Celtics and St. Louis Hawks led them to the Eastern and Western Division titles, respectively. In a thrilling NBA Finals series, the St. Louis Hawks came out on top, securing their only league title. Bill Russell’s outstanding play earned him the Most Valuable Player award. Overall, the season showcased the NBA’s rising popularity and the emergence of new stars. Visit for more information.