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The 2018 WNBA Finals: Women’s Basketball at Its Finest

The 2018 WNBA Finals are set to be an exciting showcase of talent and competition, as the Washington Mystics and Seattle Storm prepare to face off. This is a momentous occasion for both teams, with the Mystics making their first appearance in the Finals and the Storm looking to build upon their impressive season.

The Road to the Finals

In the Western Conference, the Seattle Storm overcame doubt and emerged victorious against the Phoenix Mercury. Led by MVP Breanna Stewart and the incredible Sue Bird, the Storm showcased their star power and determination.

Meanwhile, in the Eastern Conference, the Washington Mystics held their own against the number one-seeded Atlanta Dream. Despite some setbacks, including a scare from Elena Delle Donne’s injury, the Mystics persevered and secured their spot in the Finals.

What to Expect

The Finals will be a best-of-five series, starting on September 7th. Game one will take place on ESPNews, game two on ABC, and the remaining games on ESPN2. It’s an opportunity to witness the highest level of women’s basketball, with players who excel in footwork, passing, driving, and shooting.

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Learn and Enjoy the Game

For both women and men, the WNBA Finals are a chance to witness extraordinary skills on display and learn from the best in the game. Whether you play below the rim or aspire to reach great heights, watching the WNBA Finals can offer valuable insights and inspiration.

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Q: When do the 2018 WNBA Finals start?
A: The Finals will begin on September 7th.

Q: Which channels will broadcast the Finals?
A: Game one will be on ESPNews, game two on ABC, and the remaining games on ESPN2.

Q: Is this the first time the Washington Mystics have reached the Finals?
A: Yes, this marks the first time the Mystics have made it to the WNBA Finals.


The 2018 WNBA Finals promise to be a thrilling showdown between the Washington Mystics and the Seattle Storm. This is a historic moment for the Mystics, who have never reached the Finals before. Led by star players such as Diana Taurasi, Breanna Stewart, and Sue Bird, both teams are expected to deliver an exceptional display of talent and skill. Whether you’re a fan of women’s basketball or simply appreciate the sport, the WNBA Finals are not to be missed. Tune in to catch all the action and witness the pinnacle of basketball excellence. For more basketball updates and coverage, make sure to visit The Basketball Movement.

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