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We Are All in This Together: The Basketball Movement

The recent tragic death of George Floyd has once again shone a spotlight on the deep-rooted issues of inequality and racism that persist in the United States. The Basketball Movement, led by founder Rob Yanders, is determined to combat these injustices and create a better future for all. Yanders emphasizes that this is not just a black-versus-white issue but a collective fight against hatred and unfair stigmas.

Yanders urges unity in the face of ongoing challenges, emphasizing the importance of peaceful resolutions and collective action. He recognizes the unique hurdles faced by people of color and calls on everyone, regardless of race, to come together and ensure equal opportunities for all.

The Basketball Movement serves as a safe haven for athletes from all walks of life. Located in a predominantly white community, the organization appreciates the trust placed in them by individuals with diverse backgrounds. They recognize the need to bridge worlds and foster inclusion within the sport they love.

However, the mission of The Basketball Movement extends beyond the gym walls. Yanders and his team encourage individuals to adopt an inclusive mindset in all aspects of life, challenging complacency and outdated thinking. They emphasize the importance of standing up for people of color and actively combating racism in America.

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It is essential to acknowledge that racism and unequal treatment are daily struggles that may not always be visible to everyone. Listening, reading, and striving to understand the experiences of others are crucial steps towards fostering empathy and support.

The Basketball Movement calls on all individuals to join them in their pursuit of extinguishing racism and creating a truly great country. Together, we can stand united, recognizing that we are more than just athletes – we are a team.


Q: What is The Basketball Movement’s mission?
A: The Basketball Movement aims to combat racism, inequality, and unfair stigmas. They strive to create a safe place for athletes of every color and creed, emphasizing inclusivity and equal treatment.

Q: How can individuals support The Basketball Movement’s cause?
A: Individuals can support The Basketball Movement by adopting an inclusive mindset, actively challenging racism and unfair stigmas in their daily lives. Unity, organization, and accountability are key in the fight for equality.

Q: Why is it important to listen and seek to understand the experiences of people of color?
A: Racism and unequal treatment are daily struggles that may not always be visible to everyone. It is crucial to listen, read, and empathize with the experiences of others in order to foster support and create a more inclusive society.


The Basketball Movement, led by Rob Yanders, is committed to fighting against racism and inequality. Their mission extends beyond the basketball court, aiming to create a safe and inclusive environment for athletes of every color and creed. They call on individuals to adopt an inclusive mindset, challenge outdated thinking, and actively support people of color. Together, we can stand united and work towards extinguishing racism and building a better future for all. Join The Basketball Movement in this collective fight for equality and social change.

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