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NBA’s Crown Jewels Assemble for Historic Ceremony

The NBA’s 75th anniversary celebration reached its pinnacle at the 2022 All-Star Game in Cleveland, where the league pulled out all the stops to honor its greatest players of all time. The event was a dazzling display of basketball history, showcasing 76 living legends who have left an indelible mark on the sport.

In a halftime ceremony that rivaled the star-studded events the NBA is renowned for, the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse was transformed into a treasure chest, brimming with the crown jewels of basketball. A select committee of players, coaches, executives, and media had meticulously chosen these 76 players, representing the very best the league has ever seen.

The ceremony was a testament to the longevity and evolution of the NBA. It paid homage to the trailblazers who paved the way for the current generation of stars. From the forgotten greats like Bob Pettit to the modern icons like LeBron James and Michael Jordan, each player walked the red carpet donning the revered “NBA 75” blazer.

The Honored Legends

The halftime presentation showcased the 75 Greatest players by position, starting with forwards, followed by centers and guards. Legends like Charles Barkley, Carmelo Anthony, and Dominique Wilkins graced the stage. Centers like Patrick Ewing and David Robinson represented their position with pride. The playmakers and scorers, including Allen Iverson and Chris Paul, rounded out the illustrious group.

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The ceremony also paid tribute to the players who couldn’t be there in person. Through heartfelt video clips, absent legends like Kobe Bryant, Bill Russell, and others were honored for their contributions to the game. The list of honored players included those still with us, those who appeared via video, and those who have passed away, leaving an enduring legacy.

Celebrating the Legends

The presence of these basketball icons drew attention from fans, media, and the current generation of stars. Young players like Ja Morant, Devin Booker, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Luka Doncic had the opportunity to pay homage to their idols. The NBA’s 75th anniversary celebration was a powerful testament to the sport’s rich history and its ability to captivate successive generations.


Q: How were the NBA’s 75 greatest players chosen for the ceremony?

A: The 75 greatest players were selected by a committee comprising players, coaches, executives, and media. Their collective expertise and insight determined the players who deserved this prestigious honor.

Q: Who were the notable legends honored at the halftime ceremony?

A: The ceremony included iconic players from every position. Notable forwards included Charles Barkley and Dominique Wilkins. Celebrated centers like Patrick Ewing and David Robinson were also present. Legendary guards such as Allen Iverson and Chris Paul graced the stage. The ceremony was a star-studded affair, paying homage to the best of the best.


The NBA’s 75th anniversary celebration reached its pinnacle at the 2022 All-Star Game, where the league honored its greatest players in a dazzling halftime ceremony. These legends, chosen by a select committee, represented the pinnacle of basketball excellence. From forgotten stars of the past to modern-day icons, the ceremony celebrated the rich history of the game. Young players had the chance to pay tribute to their idols, showcasing the enduring impact of these basketball greats. The ceremony was a testimony to the NBA’s evolution and the unbreakable bond between generations of players. To join in celebrating the legends, visit

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