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Wemby Watch: Victor Wembanyama’s Historic NBA Journey and Hidden Talents

Victor Wembanyama, the No. 1 pick and rookie sensation of the San Antonio Spurs, has been making waves in the NBA. In this weekly Wemby Watch, we bring you the latest updates on his performance and off-court endeavors. Let’s dive into what happened this week.

Circle on Calendar 📅

This week marks an exciting matchup between Wembanyama and the legendary LeBron James as the Lakers take on the Spurs in a two-game set. Fans eagerly anticipate this clash between two of the most highly anticipated No. 1 picks in NBA history. Catch the action on Wednesday (8 ET, NBA TV) and Friday (7:30 ET, ESPN).

One Stat to Know 📊

In a game against the Bulls, the 19-year-old rookie achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the youngest player in NBA history to record a 20-point, 20-rebound game. Wembanyama’s phenomenal performance included 21 points, 20 rebounds, four assists, and four blocks. Although he downplayed the personal achievement in the face of the team’s loss, it’s undoubtedly a sign of his immense talent and potential.

1-Man Highlight Reel 🤯

If you missed it, check out the jaw-dropping highlights of Wembanyama’s record-breaking performance. His versatility and skills on the court are truly awe-inspiring.

Victor Wembanyama left it all on the floor for the Spurs!
🔥 21 PTS
💪 20 REB
🚫 4 BLK
Wemby becomes the only player to record a 20-PT, 20-REB, 4-BLK game this season.
— NBA (@NBA) December 9, 2023

Praise from a Former Spur 👏

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DeMar DeRozan, a former Spur and All-Star guard-forward, couldn’t help but praise Wembanyama’s shot-blocking skills after facing him on the court. Recognizing the rookie’s defensive prowess and incredible wingspan, DeRozan highlighted Wembanyama’s potential as a dominant defender in the league. Even as a rookie, he already displays remarkable awareness and anticipation.

Lights, Camera, Action! 🎥

Wembanyama recently joined a long list of Spurs players in filming a commercial for regional grocery store H-E-B. This tradition has become a beloved part of the Spurs’ culture, with previous stars like Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and Tony Parker participating in the quirky ads. Wembanyama, with his natural charisma, confidently stated his interest in pursuing acting, hinting at a potential future in the entertainment industry.

Experimenting Continues 🧪

Coach Gregg Popovich has been experimenting with different lineups for the Spurs. One notable change involved Wembanyama playing as the team’s center, surrounded by four perimeter players. Despite his usual position as a forward, the rookie embraced the opportunity to explore different facets of the game and expressed his eagerness to find the perfect combination for success.


Q: How did Victor Wembanyama make NBA history?

A: Wembanyama became the youngest player in NBA history to achieve a 20-point, 20-rebound game.

Q: Who praised Victor Wembanyama’s skills?

A: Former Spur DeMar DeRozan spoke highly of Wembanyama’s shot-blocking abilities and overall defensive potential.

Q: Did Victor Wembanyama try his hand at acting?

A: Yes, Wembanyama recently filmed a commercial for H-E-B and expressed his interest in pursuing acting in the future.

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Victor Wembanyama, the rookie sensation of the San Antonio Spurs, continues to make headlines with his exceptional performances on the court. He recently achieved a significant milestone by becoming the youngest player in NBA history to record a 20-point, 20-rebound game. Wembanyama’s shot-blocking skills have garnered praise from former Spur DeMar DeRozan, who recognizes the rookie’s potential as a fearsome defender. Off the court, Wembanyama showcased his acting talents by filming a commercial for H-E-B, joining a long line of Spurs stars who have participated in the beloved tradition. As the season progresses, the Spurs are experimenting with different lineups, including Wembanyama as the team’s center. The rookie embraces the opportunity for growth and looks forward to finding the winning formula. Stay tuned for more updates on Wemby Watch as we follow Victor Wembanyama’s journey in the NBA.

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