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Yanders Law at UAA Finals — The Basketball Movement

Yanders Law (boys 17u) has concluded their UA Rise Circuit and UAA Championship bracket tour with an impressive performance. Despite finishing with a 3-2 record in the UAA Championship bracket, Yanders Law Basketball has proven that it belongs among the elite teams. In the UAA Finals, the 17u Yanders Law squad defeated WE R1 but suffered losses to D Premier and Nebraska Supreme. However, they bounced back with victories over Atlanta Xpress and Houston Superstars.

In order to reach the UAA Finals, Yanders Law had to outperform other big-market teams in UA Rise. After successful stints in Atlanta and Dallas, the team was fully prepared to face the tough competition that awaited them in Indianapolis.

The team’s star player, Zach Howell (6’5 G/F), has emerged as a dominant force on offense and has expanded his skill set in remarkable ways over the past few years. Additionally, Jonathan Dunn (6’7 F) and Sincere Malone (6’8 G/F) have established themselves as dominant rebounders and have showcased their versatility on the court.

Cam Liggins (6’4 G) has proven to be an offensive weapon and a defensive standout. Logan Applegate (6’2 G) and Kanon Gipson (6’3 G) have consistently contributed with their playmaking abilities and shooting skills. Elijah Whitley (6’3 G) has used his athleticism to punish opposing guards, Corey Williams Jr. (6’2 G) has shown that he is capable of much more than just shooting, and Tyler Harmon (6’2 G) has impressed with his defense and range.

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While victories are not guaranteed in every game, Yanders Law’s performance in the Under Armour Circuit this summer can only be seen as a success. The program continues to grow and impress with each passing year, with Yanders Law alumni thriving and up-and-coming players gaining more exposure than ever.

Stay tuned to The Basketball Movement and Yanders Law as these players have caught the attention of numerous collegiate programs. We anticipate promising opportunities for these talented young men in the future.

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