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Will Jason Kidd Maximize Luka Doncic’s Potential?

For the upcoming 2021-22 NBA season, one burning question looms large: What impact will Jason Kidd have on Luka Doncic’s game? Let’s delve into the potential changes and enhancements that may arise under the new leadership.

Kidd’s Previous Coaching Experience and Defensive Priorities

Jason Kidd’s storied career as a Hall of Fame point guard has equipped him with valuable insights and wisdom. His stints with the Brooklyn Nets and Milwaukee Bucks showcased his ability to adapt to the talents of his players. Defense has always been a top priority for Kidd, and justifiably so. Last season, the Dallas Mavericks ranked 21st in defensive efficiency, conceding an average of 112.3 points per 100 possessions. To improve in this area, Kidd will likely focus on tightening the defensive unit.

How Can Kidd Elevate Doncic’s Offensive Game?

Offensively, Luka Doncic has proven himself as a formidable force. However, there is always room for growth and refinement. Doncic’s exceptional usage rate of 35% last season, which skyrocketed to 39.1% in the playoffs, suggests that he carried much of the offensive burden. To unleash Doncic’s full potential, Kidd may implement strategies to alleviate some of that pressure and distribute the ball more effectively. This approach would allow Doncic to thrive in a more diverse offensive system, shouldering less responsibility while still making a significant impact.

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Expanding Doncic’s Offensive Arsenal

Last season, the Mavericks experienced a decline in 3-point shooting proficiency, limiting Doncic’s ability to penetrate the paint. Consequently, he was forced to rely on mid-range jump shots, effectively adapting to the situation at hand. To take the next step in his offensive evolution, Doncic needs to find opportunities to distribute the ball and create scoring opportunities for his teammates. Kidd’s expertise and guidance in this aspect could prove instrumental in refining Doncic’s playmaking abilities.

A Fresh Approach for Doncic

One critical factor that Kidd can influence is Doncic’s energy levels. Despite his incredible offensive output, Doncic experienced fatigue during crucial moments last season, leading to a drop in shooting efficiency, trips to the free-throw line, and overall impact. Managing Doncic’s workload effectively, while still utilizing his exceptional skills, will be pivotal for sustained success. By keeping Doncic fresh and well-rested, Kidd can maximize his impact on both ends of the court.


Q: How can Jason Kidd contribute to Luka Doncic’s development?

A: Jason Kidd’s experience and expertise as a point guard can facilitate the growth of Luka Doncic’s game. Kidd can introduce strategic changes to the offensive system, enabling Doncic to share the playmaking responsibilities while expanding his skill set.

Q: Will Doncic’s defensive abilities improve under Kidd’s coaching?

A: While Doncic may not be known for his defensive prowess, Jason Kidd’s emphasis on defense could influence his mindset and commitment to that end of the court. With proper guidance and structured defensive schemes, Doncic has the potential to become a more well-rounded player.

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In the upcoming NBA season, Jason Kidd’s tenure as the Dallas Mavericks’ head coach presents an exciting opportunity for Luka Doncic’s growth and development. By leveraging his extensive experience and prioritizing defense, Kidd can optimize Doncic’s offensive game, allowing him to flourish in a more well-rounded capacity. Furthermore, by managing Doncic’s workload effectively, Kidd can ensure his star player remains fresh and impactful throughout the season. As fans eagerly await the forthcoming season, the collaboration between Kidd and Doncic holds immense promise. To stay updated on all things NBA, visit