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One Team, One Stat: Warriors Revolutionizing Jump Shooting


Tonight on TNT: Warriors vs. Wizards, 8 ET

The Golden State Warriors have hit their stride after a seemingly sluggish first half of the season. With eight consecutive wins, they now hold the top spot in the Western Conference. A victory against the Wizards would secure the longest winning streak of the season for the Warriors.

While their defense has been average, the Warriors’ offense has been exceptional. Over the last 10 games, they have scored an astonishing 126.7 points per 100 possessions, the highest offensive output in five seasons under coach Steve Kerr. The key to their success? A jump shooting revolution.


The Warriors have taken 61 percent of their shots from outside the paint.


This marks the highest rate in the league. The Warriors have gradually evolved into a jump-shooting team over the past few years. In their first championship season, only 54 percent of their shots came from outside the paint. Since then, that percentage has steadily increased. Currently, the Warriors rank third in point differential in the paint and struggle at the free-throw line.

Although shots in the paint are typically more valuable, the Warriors have excelled by shooting efficiently from both mid-range and beyond the arc. They lead the league in field goal percentage in the mid-range, rank second in three-point percentage, and shoot at a high clip in the restricted area. Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson have been especially deadly in these areas.

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Despite their unorthodox shot selection, the Warriors boast the most efficient offense in recent history. While other teams focus on analytics and avoid mid-range shots, the Warriors have bucked the trend with impressive results. Their ability to shoot at a high percentage and limit turnovers has propelled them to success.


  • Pace: 101.8 (10)
  • OffRtg: 115.6 (1)
  • DefRtg: 109.0 (14)
  • NetRtg: +6.6 (2)


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  • Player: Traditional | On-off court | Shot locations | Clutch


  1. The Warriors have a losing record against teams with winning records.
  2. They are the best road team in terms of winning percentage and point differential.
  3. The Warriors dominate in the third quarter, a trend that has continued for five seasons.
  4. After leading by double-digits, the Warriors rarely let their opponents back in the game.
  5. They have played in both the fastest-paced and slowest-paced games of the season.


Warriors Offense

  1. The Warriors lead the league in both player and ball movement.
  2. Their effective field goal percentage ranks among the best in history.


Warriors Defense

  1. The Warriors struggle defending in the restricted area but limit opponents’ attempts.
  2. Their defensive rebounding has improved significantly from last season.
  3. They block the most shots per game in the league.
  4. The Warriors have the best clutch defense, allowing the fewest points in crunch time.


Warriors Lineup

  1. The Warriors’ lineup with Stephen Curry has the highest on-court offensive rating.
  2. Draymond Green has the highest on-court net rating among all players.
  3. The new starting lineup has been dominant and exhibits excellent ball movement.
  4. The previous starting lineup with Kevon Looney has the best net rating among lineups.
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Warriors Players

  1. Stephen Curry has the highest percentage on pull-up three-pointers in the league.
  2. Kevin Durant has an impressive clutch free-throw shooting percentage.
  3. Curry and Durant are among the few players averaging 25 points, five rebounds, and five assists per game.
  4. Curry and Klay Thompson excel in scoring on fast breaks.
  5. Draymond Green leads the league in assist ratio.
  6. Andre Iguodala ranks highly in plus-minus as a bench player.
  7. Kevon Looney has an exceptional assist-turnover ratio.
  8. Curry and Thompson are elite catch-and-shoot and pull-up shooters.
  9. Curry and Thompson rank at the top for catch-and-shoot three-pointers made.

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Q: Why have the Golden State Warriors become more of a jump-shooting team?

A: Over the years, the Warriors have gradually shifted their offensive strategy towards jump shooting. Although they were not initially known for their jump shots, they have adapted their style to capitalize on their shooting prowess. While this approach goes against the traditional analytics-friendly shot chart, it has proven to be incredibly effective for the Warriors.

Q: How has the Warriors’ offense evolved over the years?

A: The Warriors’ offense has transformed into one of the most efficient in NBA history. They have achieved this by shooting at a high percentage from all areas of the court, including mid-range and beyond the arc. Players like Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson have excelled in these shooting areas, driving the team’s offensive success.

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Q: What makes the Warriors’ offense so efficient?

A: The Warriors’ offense stands out due to their ability to shoot at a high percentage and limit turnovers. Their effective field goal percentage ranks among the best in history, and their ball and player movement is unmatched. This combination of shooting accuracy and disciplined playmaking has propelled the Warriors to achieve record-breaking offensive numbers.


The Golden State Warriors have revolutionized jump shooting in the NBA. Despite initial skepticism about their reliance on jump shots, the Warriors have proven that a jump-shooting team can excel. By shooting efficiently from all areas of the court, including mid-range and beyond the arc, the Warriors have built the most efficient offense in recent history.

Their offensive success can be attributed to their shooting prowess, exceptional ball movement, and efficient player movement. The Warriors lead the league in both player and ball movement, recording assists on a high percentage of their field goals. This combination of shooting accuracy and disciplined playmaking has propelled the Warriors to the top of the Western Conference.

As the season progresses and center DeMarcus Cousins returns to the lineup, the Warriors’ shot selection may become more balanced. This could potentially lead to an even more efficient offense. Whether the Warriors continue their jump-shooting dominance or adapt their style, one thing is clear: their offensive prowess is a force to be reckoned with.

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