Wednesday, 24 Apr 2024

2019 NCAA March Madness: The Most Exciting Basketball Event is Here

The NCAA March Madness tournament is back and ready to bring fans the most exhilarating stretch of basketball this year. The release of the 2019 bracket has sparked anticipation after last year’s tournament delivered its fair share of madness. While we might not witness another 16-seed upset against a 1-seed, the hope for thrilling and closely contested games remains strong.

Out of the 68 teams participating in this prestigious collegiate event, 32 earned their spots as conference champions, while the rest were selected by a committee using a combination of algorithms and objectivity. The tournament will commence with the “First Four” games on March 19th and 20th, followed by the first round starting on March 21st.

The top seeds for this year’s tournament heavily feature teams from the ACC, including Duke, Gonzaga, Tennessee, and North Carolina. However, there is some controversy surrounding Michigan State’s seeding as a 2nd seed despite a strong argument for a 1st seed. Adding to the intrigue, Michigan State finds itself in the same bracket as the overall 1st seed, Duke. If both teams advance as expected, an exciting Elite Eight matchup awaits.

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Winning the tournament requires facing the best teams in the nation, so complaints about tough matchups can be dismissed. Michigan State will kick off their tournament run against Bradley, the champions of the Missouri Valley Conference.

Traditionally, mid-major schools have been overlooked in favor of teams from bigger conferences. However, this year’s bracket bucks that trend, featuring smaller universities and creating opportunities for underdog stories. provides a link to view and print the bracket for those interested in participating in this thrilling tradition.

While filling out a perfect bracket may be nearly impossible, it remains a fun and beloved tradition for sports fans. Sharing and comparing brackets with family, friends, teammates, and coworkers adds another layer of excitement to the tournament experience.

Keep an eye out for the release of the women’s NCAA rankings by ESPN. Congratulate the Missouri State Lady Bears for their victory in the Missouri Valley Conference, securing their spot in the big dance. Stay tuned for coverage on the women’s side of the tournament.

Best of luck to everyone filling out their brackets and to the talented athletes ready to make their mark on college basketball’s grandest stage. Keep coming back to The Basketball Movement for comprehensive tournament coverage, updates on local teams, NBA news, and exciting action from our home courts. Get ready for an unforgettable March Madness experience!

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