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2021-22 Season Preview: LA Clippers

The LA Clippers find themselves in a unique position as they await Kawhi Leonard’s return from knee surgery. With the possibility of him missing the entire season, the Clippers face an uphill battle in achieving their ultimate goal without their star player. However, they have shown resilience in the past, playing admirably without Leonard during the playoffs last year. Paul George, in particular, is poised to take on a leadership role in Leonard’s absence and put up an MVP-worthy season.

Despite their challenges, the Clippers have managed to build a deep roster of veteran players who excel at shooting from beyond the arc. The return of former Clipper Eric Bledsoe adds another dimension to their lineup, and his success with the team will be crucial to their success.


As Eric Bledsoe embarks on his second stint with the Clippers, he must look to his new teammates, Reggie Jackson and Nicolas Batum, as examples of players who found success in LA after being overlooked elsewhere. Bledsoe, who has bounced between teams in recent years, must seize this opportunity to prove himself and contribute to the team’s success.

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Without Leonard in the lineup, the Clippers will need a collective effort from their deep roster to remain competitive in a stacked Western Conference. The team’s shooting prowess and Paul George’s rejuvenation will certainly help, but they will need their star player back to truly contend. Despite the challenges they face, a predicted finish of 48-24 is within reach for the Clippers.


  • Reggie Jackson: Rescued his career with a strong playoff run and is now the team’s starting point guard.
  • Paul George: With Kawhi Leonard sidelined, George returns to being the primary star, a role he thrived in during his time in Indiana.
  • Nicolas Batum: No longer in his prime, but has found a balance between being a starter and coming off the bench.
  • Marcus Morris Sr.: Brings toughness on defense and a reliable three-point shot.
  • Serge Ibaka: When healthy, Ibaka provides a strong presence in the frontcourt.


  • Eric Bledsoe: Known for his aggressive defense, but will need to make better decisions on the court.
  • Terance Mann: A young and fearless player looking to continue his development.
  • Luke Kennard: A skilled shooter, but could benefit from a more aggressive mindset.
  • Ivica Zubac: Hardworking and energetic, compensating for his limited skill-set.


In the regular season, the Clippers had a significant point differential with Kawhi Leonard on the floor compared to when he was off the floor. This highlights Leonard’s impact on the team’s performance. However, in the playoffs, the Clippers managed to perform well without Leonard, outscoring their opponents when Paul George was on the floor without Leonard.

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  1. Will Kawhi Leonard return this season?

    • There is uncertainty surrounding Kawhi Leonard’s return from knee surgery, and it remains unclear if he will play this season.
  2. How will the Clippers fare without Leonard?

    • The Clippers have a deep roster and solid shooting, which should help them remain competitive in the Western Conference. However, they will need Leonard back to contend for a title.


The LA Clippers face a challenging season as they await the return of Kawhi Leonard from knee surgery. With Leonard’s status uncertain, Paul George will take on a leadership role and lead a roster filled with veterans who excel at shooting. Despite their disadvantage, the Clippers have the potential to remain competitive in the Western Conference. Their success will hinge on the performance of players like Eric Bledsoe and the collective effort of the team. The Clippers’ projected finish of 48-24 is a testament to their depth and resilience. As fans eagerly await Leonard’s return, there is excitement and anticipation surrounding the team’s performance this season.