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NBA GM Survey: A Look Back at the 2009-10 Season

The NBA General Managers have always been at the forefront of analyzing and predicting the trends of the league. In this article, we will revisit the eighth annual GM Survey from the 2009-10 season and compare their opinions to how the season actually played out.

Predictions and Expectations

The survey covered a wide range of topics, from championship contenders to individual accolades. General managers were asked to evaluate teams, players, and coaches, providing insights into their expectations for the season ahead.

The survey started with questions about the potential winners of the NBA Finals, the Eastern and Western Conferences, as well as divisions. The Los Angeles Lakers were the favorites to win it all, with 60.7% of the GMs picking them as the eventual champions. However, the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers tied for second place with 17.9% each. In the Eastern Conference, the Celtics were favored to come out on top, followed closely by the Cavaliers. The Lakers, on the other hand, were the dominant pick in the Western Conference.

Player Predictions

The survey also delved into individual player predictions, such as the MVP race and breakout performers. LeBron James was the clear favorite to win the MVP award, with 69.0% of GMs backing him. Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard were also mentioned as strong contenders. When asked about which player they would choose to build an NBA franchise around, GMs overwhelmingly picked LeBron James, with 78.6% of the vote.

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The survey also touched on the impact players have on the game. LeBron James was considered the player who forced opposing coaches to make the most adjustments, followed by Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard. Kevin Durant was tipped to have a breakout season, with 25.9% of the GMs believing he would make a significant impact.

Coaches and Defensive Players

The GMs also shared their opinions on coaches and defensive players. Phil Jackson of the Los Angeles Lakers was voted the best head coach, while Dwight Howard was recognized as the best defensive player, particularly in the interior. Kobe Bryant was chosen as the best perimeter defender by the majority of GMs.


The 2009-10 NBA GM Survey provided valuable insights into the expectations and predictions of the league’s top decision-makers. Although some predictions proved to be accurate, others didn’t pan out as anticipated. This survey serves as a reminder that the course of an NBA season can be full of surprises and twists. It adds to the excitement and unpredictability that attracts millions of fans to the game.

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