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Yanders Law Commitments: Elevating Local Basketball Talent

Since late December, Yanders Law has made significant strides, securing commitments from a trio of talented basketball players, all from the local area. This commitment solidifies their position as a program dedicated to nurturing and sharpening homegrown stars. Logan Applegate and Elijah Whitley will be playing for Drury this fall, while Lyla Watson is set to suit up for Evangel.

Watson’s journey with Yanders Law has been transformative. Over the years, she has evolved into an all-around scorer and distributor, showcasing her defensive prowess and versatility. With the ability to guard multiple positions, Watson has been an invaluable asset to Yanders Law’s defensive lineups.

Whitley’s commitment to Drury, announced just before Christmas, further solidifies Yanders Law’s reputation for developing exceptional talent. Whitley’s athleticism has consistently caught defenders off-guard, resulting in jaw-dropping highlights and electrifying moments on the court.

Applegate, another standout player, has also chosen to join the Drury Panthers. Known for his cool demeanor, deadly three-point shooting, athleticism, and exceptional court vision, Applegate’s presence on the court is sure to captivate fans and unsettle opponents.

Yanders Law takes immense pride in their players’ success, and the program’s coaching staff, led by Robert Yanders, continues to push the boundaries of talent development. With the caliber of players consistently rising, there’s always exciting news on the horizon for Yanders Law. Stay tuned for more updates as the #LawNation continues to make waves in the basketball community.

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Q: How does Yanders Law support local basketball talent?
A: Yanders Law is dedicated to nurturing and sharpening local basketball stars. Through their program, they provide coaching, training, and opportunities for talented players to showcase their skills and secure college commitments.

Q: What qualities make Lyla Watson a standout player?
A: Lyla Watson, a product of Yanders Law, possesses an exceptional shooting ability and has grown into an all-around scorer and distributor. Her defensive skills and versatility allow her to guard multiple positions effectively, making her a valuable asset on the court.

Q: What can fans expect from Elijah Whitley’s performance at Drury?
A: Elijah Whitley’s athleticism and competitive spirit make him a formidable player. Fans can expect stunning highlights and moments of brilliance as Whitley continues to catch defenders off-guard with his skills and versatility.


Yanders Law, a basketball program committed to developing local talent, has recently secured commitments from three outstanding players. Logan Applegate and Elijah Whitley will join the Drury Panthers, while Lyla Watson will play for Evangel. These commitments highlight Yanders Law’s dedication to fostering the growth of homegrown players and building a strong basketball community.

Watson, with her impressive all-around skills and defensive prowess, has been an integral part of Yanders Law’s success. Whitley’s athleticism and competitive drive are sure to ignite excitement on the court, while Applegate’s cool demeanor and sharp shooting make him a player to watch out for.

Yanders Law takes pride in its players’ achievements, and the coaching staff continues to push the boundaries of talent development. With more exciting news on the horizon, Yanders Law’s commitment to elevating local basketball talent remains unwavering. Join the #LawNation and stay tuned for future updates and remarkable achievements in the world of basketball.

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