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Robert Yanders – The Evolution: A Game-Changing Basketball Program

The Basketball Movement’s founder, Robert Yanders, is revolutionizing the basketball world with an innovative program called The Evolution. This program, which has been in the works for three to four years, is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Drawing from his own personal journey in the sport, Yanders has developed a comprehensive on-and-off-court curriculum that can benefit anyone involved in basketball.

Unveiling the Program

Rob Yanders’ personal evolution in basketball has played a significant role in the creation of The Evolution program. In addition to the curriculum, Yanders will be releasing a documentary that showcases his journey both on and off the court. From playing on Salvation Army courts to winning four European Championships, and from the streets to moving his mother into a million-dollar home next door, this documentary promises to be an inspiring watch.

The Heart of The Evolution

At the core of The Evolution program lies its curriculum. It includes a wide range of on-court drills that can greatly benefit trainers, coaches, and players alike. As a sneak peek, Yanders has shared a preview of one of the drills on his Instagram.

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Click here to watch the preview

Off-Court Curriculum

The Evolution program doesn’t stop at on-court drills. It also offers an extensive off-court curriculum designed to benefit players. This curriculum is presented in a computer format, allowing individuals to explore different sections and expand on various topics and ideas.

The off-court lessons cover a range of important topics, including the importance of one’s circle, urgency, putting in extra effort, preparation, intentionality, and more.

Benefits for Coaches, Trainers, and Parents

The benefits of The Evolution program extend beyond just players. Coaches, trainers, and parents can also gain valuable insights and knowledge from this comprehensive basketball program.

For parents of athletes, The Evolution includes a section focused on the concept of a “basketball midwife.” This section provides guidance on how parents can support their children’s success while seeking assistance and advice from trained basketball professionals.

Coming Soon

The Evolution program is set to drop next month, so be on the lookout for more details and announcements. The Basketball Movement, known for being a premier hoops training facility in the Midwest, has produced top trainers like Coach Rob. If you’re involved in the game, you won’t want to miss this incredible opportunity. Stay tuned for more updates!


Q: What is The Evolution program?
A: The Evolution is a groundbreaking basketball program developed by Robert Yanders, the founder of The Basketball Movement. It offers a comprehensive on-and-off-court curriculum designed to benefit players, coaches, trainers, and even parents of athletes.

Q: What does the curriculum include?
A: The curriculum of The Evolution program encompasses a wide range of on-court drills as well as off-court lessons. These lessons cover various essential topics such as building the right circle, urgency, extra effort, preparation, intentionality, and more.

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Q: When will The Evolution program be available?
A: The release date for The Evolution program is set for next month. Keep an eye out for upcoming details and announcements from The Basketball Movement.


The Evolution program, spearheaded by Robert Yanders, is set to revolutionize the basketball world. This innovative program offers a comprehensive curriculum that benefits players, coaches, trainers, and parents of athletes. With a focus on both on-and-off-court development, The Evolution promises to take basketball training to new heights. Keep an eye out for more updates and details on this game-changing program. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of The Evolution and take your basketball skills to the next level. Visit for more information and get ready to elevate your game!

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