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Reggie Miller’s Unforgettable Moments Against Chicago Bulls presents a retrospective on the most memorable moments that have shaped the history of the NBA. Among the pantheon of clutch performers, Reggie Miller, the phenomenal shooting guard of the Indiana Pacers, has solidified himself alongside the legendary Michael Jordan. This article explores two remarkable games in which Miller showcased his incredible talent under pressure against the Chicago Bulls.

Miller’s Heroics at Madison Square Garden (1998)

In the Conference Semifinals of the 1998 playoffs, Miller and the Pacers found themselves locked in a thrilling battle with the New York Knicks. The Knicks were on the brink of evening the series at 2-2, leading by three points in the closing seconds. However, Miller received a perfectly timed pass from Mark Jackson and drained a game-tying three-pointer to force overtime. In OT, Miller continued to dominate, scoring an astonishing seven points and sealing the win for the Pacers with a dagger three-pointer. This victory not only gave Indiana a 3-1 series lead but also paved the way for their eventual triumph over the Knicks.

Miller’s Gutsy Performance Against the Bulls (1998)

After their victory against the Knicks, the Pacers advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals to face off against Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Trailing 2-0 in the series, the Pacers were desperate to avoid a 3-0 deficit. With four-and-a-half minutes remaining in Game 3, Miller, despite being hampered by an ankle injury, ignited a remarkable comeback. He hit two clutch three-pointers within a span of a minute and a 20-footer to give the Pacers a comfortable lead. Despite the Bulls’ comeback attempts, Miller’s free throws in the final seconds secured the win, keeping the Pacers’ series hopes alive.

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Reggie Miller’s ability to come up big in crucial moments earned him the reputation of a true pressure performer. His unwavering determination, even while battling injuries, showcased his resilience and unwavering dedication to the game. These unforgettable performances against the Bulls and the Knicks solidify Miller’s place among the NBA’s elite.


Q: How many points did Reggie Miller score in the overtime period against the Knicks in the 1998 playoffs?
A: Reggie Miller scored an incredible total of 38 points, including seven points in overtime, during the game against the Knicks.

Q: What was the significance of Reggie Miller’s game-winning three-pointer against the Bulls in 1998?
A: Reggie Miller’s game-winning three-pointer in the dying seconds against the Bulls in 1998 secured a crucial win for the Pacers, tying the Eastern Conference Finals series at 2-2.

Q: How did Reggie Miller’s ankle injury affect his performance in the game against the Bulls?
A: Despite suffering from an ankle injury, Reggie Miller delivered a gutsy performance, scoring 13 of his 28 points in the final minutes of the game to help the Pacers secure a vital victory.


Reggie Miller’s career was marked by his ability to shine under immense pressure, and his performances against the Knicks and the Bulls in the 1998 playoffs serve as perfect examples of his incredible talent. From his game-tying three-pointer against the Knicks to his heroic comeback against the Bulls, Miller left a lasting legacy as one of the greatest clutch performers in NBA history. Relive these unforgettable moments and marvel at the sheer brilliance of Reggie Miller’s game.

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