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We Are United – Ishmeal David — The Basketball Movement

Another We Are United Prep Commitment: Meet Ishmeal David

Ishmeal David, a 6’3″ athletic wing from St. Paul, Minnesota, has recently committed to the We Are United prep basketball program for the 2022-23 season. With his playmaking ability, offensive skills, and strong perimeter defense, David is a valuable addition to Rob Yanders’ squad.

Describing himself as a great kid to be around, David’s skills on the court have garnered praise from coaches. His defensive prowess has been particularly noteworthy, with coaches hailing him as a force to be reckoned with. David also brings a selfless and unselfish nature to the offensive end, understanding when to make plays and when to involve his teammates.

Choosing the prep route was a conscious decision for David, as he seeks to expand his basketball knowledge and become a better player. With Head Coach Rob Yanders as his guide, David believes he has found the right place to achieve his goals. Yanders’ intense and tenacious coaching style aligns perfectly with David’s ambition to reach the next level.

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In summary, Ishmeal David’s commitment to We Are United demonstrates his belief in the program’s ability to develop players and propel them to success. We are thrilled to have him on board and look forward to witnessing his basketball journey unfold. Follow us at for more updates.


Q: What are Ishmeal David’s key attributes on the basketball court?
A: Ishmeal David brings impressive playmaking skills, a good offensive feel, and strong perimeter defense to the We Are United prep team.

Q: What prompted Ishmeal David to choose the prep route?
A: Ishmeal David decided to take the prep route to enhance his basketball knowledge and become a better player.

Q: How does Rob Yanders’ coaching style align with Ishmeal David’s goals?
A: Rob Yanders’ intense coaching style resonates with Ishmeal David, who values the coach’s tenacity and high expectations for players.


Ishmeal David, a talented and versatile wing player, has committed to the We Are United prep basketball program. With his playmaking ability, defensive skills, and unselfishness on offense, David is poised to make a significant impact on the team. Head Coach Rob Yanders’ intense coaching style aligns well with David’s goals, and joining We Are United presents an opportunity for him to develop his game and reach new heights in basketball. Stay updated with Ishmeal David’s journey by visiting

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