Monday, 22 Jul 2024

We Are United vs. Sunrise Christian — A Basketball Showdown

Tonight, We Are United, a talented basketball team, faces off against the formidable Sunrise Christian Academy. This exciting game takes place at Baptist Bible College, right here in Springfield, Missouri.

A Clash of Titans

We Are United is having an exceptional season, and they are eager to continue their success. Head Coach Rob Yanders says, “Everyone had a good Christmas break, and we are ready to continue building upon our hard work from last year.” The team has been practicing hard and facing tough opponents while maintaining high expectations.

Their opponent, Sunrise Christian, hails from Bel Aire, Kansas, and is renowned for their Nike Elite program. Year after year, they compete against top-notch talent, and this season, they have secured victories against powerhouses like Oak Hill, La Lumiere, and IMG Academy.

A Great Challenge Ahead

Coach Yanders acknowledges that facing Sunrise Christian will be another fantastic challenge for his squad. Their skills will be put to the test, and the game promises to be an exciting showdown.

Join the Movement

We Are United has become a force to be reckoned with in local hoops. We encourage our allies from around Southwest MO to come out and fill the stands, showing their support for this dynamic team. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness some exhilarating basketball action!

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Q: What time does the game start?

A: The game starts at 8:15 PM CST.

Q: Where is the game being held?

A: The game is being held at Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri.

Q: Who is the opponent for We Are United?

A: We Are United is facing Sunrise Christian Academy.


Witness an intense basketball matchup as We Are United takes on Sunrise Christian Academy. This highly-anticipated game will be held at Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri. We Are United has been having a stellar season, and they are determined to continue their winning streak. However, Sunrise Christian is a formidable opponent known for their Nike Elite program and their victories against powerhouse teams. Come out and support We Are United, and be part of the thrilling basketball movement in Southwest MO. Don’t miss this unforgettable showdown!

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