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Players from both Yanders Law and The Basketball Movement set to face off — The Basketball Movement

With the Missouri class 5 sectional showdown approaching, we had the opportunity to speak with some of the athletes from Yanders Law and The Basketball Movement. Anton Brookshire and Elijah Bridgers, players from Kickapoo High School in Springfield, MO, have been training with us and are ready to compete. Additionally, Drew McMillin from the Republic squad has been exceeding expectations this season. As the stage gets bigger and brighter, we caught up with Brookshire, Bridgers, and McMillin to understand their mindset and preparations for this crucial matchup.

Kickapoo High School recently won their district title in dramatic fashion and is now focused on making a run in the playoffs. We had a chance to chat with Brookshire and Bridgers after their workout at The Basketball Movement to get insight into their mindset for the upcoming game. Anton Brookshire has made quite an impact this season, particularly with his game-winning three-pointer in the district finals against Nixa.

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According to Anton Brookshire, hitting the game-winning shot was a dream come true. He is now focused on raising his stock as a player, even as a sophomore, and helping Kickapoo succeed in the playoffs. The team has been watching film and scouting their upcoming opponent, Republic. Brookshire emphasized the growth in the team’s chemistry and bonding, ensuring they are well-prepared for the challenge ahead.

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Elijah Bridgers, another player from Kickapoo, shared that the team is determined and focused on doing whatever it takes to stay alive in the playoffs. He highlighted the importance of turning up their game during this time of the year and mentioned that they have already beaten several talented teams this season. Bridgers also mentioned the impact of training with Rob and The Basketball Movement, emphasizing the intensity that will translate well into the high-stakes March basketball games.

On the Republic side, we had the chance to chat with Drew McMillin before the crucial matchup. Drew shared his experience of training with Yanders Law and The Basketball Movement, mentioning how it has prepared him to handle various situations on the court. He emphasized the coach’s message of staying focused on the present moment and taking the playoffs one game at a time. McMillin also mentioned the team’s renewed focus on taking smart shots to minimize mistakes against stronger competition.

We wish all the athletes, including Brookshire, Bridgers, and McMillin, the best of luck in the sectionals as they strive for their state championship dreams.

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