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Focus on strengths – Insulate weaknesses — The Basketball Movement

You know what you are good at, and you know what needs work. Which is more deserving of attention?

As a player, unless you are blinded by supreme confidence, you are aware that you are not perfect. Perhaps you have never been the best shooter, or maybe you are an undersized post player. You also know where you shine on the court or in the locker room.

With something like basketball, it is easy to get caught up in the areas that need improvement. This is not always a bad thing; there are always opportunities to elevate skill level, but do not forget to focus on the strengths that set you apart.

Players like Shaquille O’Neal and DeAndre Jordan have received both criticism and applause. Shaq was an NBA MVP, and DeAndre Jordan was 1st team all-NBA with the Clippers. The point here is to focus on what sets you apart, just like Shaq’s dominance in other facets of the game outweighed his free-throw shooting woes.

If you are a great shooter, keep working on shooting. The all-time great shooters were not content with being decent; they practiced shooting every single day. Even if you are hyper-focused on strengths, do not forget to insulate weaknesses to avoid falling behind. Coaches look for well-rounded players, so it’s important to work on other aspects of the game too.

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Stay in shape and keep your conditioning at the best level you can. If you struggle to improve foot speed, focus instead on footwork and body positioning. Great rebounders practice rebounding, glue guys focus on defense and ball movement, and shooters get up hundreds of shots. So, be a well-rounded player, but make sure your best skills are sharp for your team.

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