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Adam Silver hints at NBA considering changes to All-Star Game format

The NBA All-Star Game has long been a highlight of the basketball season, but Commissioner Adam Silver believes it may be time for some changes. In a recent interview on ESPN’s “First Take,” Silver hinted that the current format of captains drafting their own teams may be replaced by a return to the traditional East vs. West matchup. While no final decision has been made, the league is exploring ways to improve the game and enhance the level of competition.

For the past six years, the All-Star Game has featured a new format where the leading vote-getters from each conference serve as captains who select their teams. However, this format has received mixed reviews, with fans and players alike longing for a more competitive experience. The previous East vs. West format was historically popular and may have a chance of making a comeback.

The NBA has been working to address concerns about the All-Star Game’s quality and viewer satisfaction. Last season’s game saw a significant decline in competitiveness, leading to lower television ratings. Injuries to star players like LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry also dampened the experience. Silver acknowledges the importance of finding a balance between the excitement of a playoff game and the entertaining nature of the All-Star Game.

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The league has been actively engaging with players to emphasize the significance of improving the quality of the All-Star Game. They are looking to create an event that showcases the competitive spirit that fans expect while also providing an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Changes to the format could help achieve these goals.

In recent years, the All-Star Game has experimented with various rule changes, including using a target score at the end of games. The first team to reach the leading team’s score at the end of three quarters, plus 24 points (in honor of Kobe Bryant’s jersey number), wins the game. While the target score format initially resulted in an incredibly dramatic fourth quarter, the previous season’s game lacked competitiveness. This highlights the need for adjustments to ensure a more thrilling and engaging experience.

Silver and other league officials understand that the All-Star Game should ultimately be about the game itself. They aim to strike a balance between the entertainment value of the event and the desire for friendly competition among the league’s top players. By revisiting the traditional East vs. West matchup and considering other potential format changes, the NBA is committed to improving the All-Star Game experience for players, fans, and viewers.


Q: What changes are being considered for the NBA All-Star Game?
A: The NBA is exploring the possibility of returning to the traditional East vs. West format for the All-Star Game. While no final decision has been made, Commissioner Adam Silver hinted at potential changes during a recent interview.

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Q: Why is the current format being reconsidered?
A: The current format, which involves captains drafting their own teams, has received mixed reviews. Fans and players have expressed a desire for a more competitive experience reminiscent of the East vs. West matchups that were popular in the past.

Q: What other improvements are being discussed for the All-Star Game?
A: The NBA is focused on improving the overall quality of the All-Star Game. This includes addressing concerns about competitiveness, injuries to star players, and declining television ratings. The league wants to find a balance between a hard-fought playoff game and an entertaining showcase for fans.


The NBA is contemplating changes to the All-Star Game format, with a potential return to the traditional East vs. West matchup. Commissioner Adam Silver has hinted at this possibility, recognizing the mixed reception of the current captain-draft format. The league aims to enhance the competitive nature of the game while providing an enjoyable experience for players and fans. By revisiting the traditional format and considering other adjustments, the NBA is actively working to improve the All-Star Game’s quality and viewer satisfaction. Stay tuned for updates on any finalized changes and prepare for an exciting future of NBA All-Star Games. Visit for more information.