Thursday, 23 May 2024

How 6 Offseason Additions Are Performing with New Teams

They were projected to be the missing pieces for teams seeking improvement—players who generated excitement among fans when their arrivals became official, raising expectations for the teams they joined. But how are they faring so far?

Well, the results for players who switched teams through free agency and trades are generally positive, although the sample size is relatively small. It’s still early days, but here’s a progress report on the six biggest summer additions:

Donovan Mitchell, Cavaliers (from Jazz)

Quite simply, Mitchell has been a standout addition. As a three-time All-Star, he has quickly made himself a frontrunner for the (early) Kia MVP award based on his impressive numbers and impact with the Cavaliers. Mitchell’s ability to carry the team while Darius Garland recovered from injury has been especially impressive, and his new teammates have shown great trust in him during crucial moments. Mitchell’s career numbers in scoring, efficiency, assists, and even blocks have been nothing short of outstanding. The real test will be how well he blends with Garland moving forward. If all goes well, the Cavaliers could find themselves among the top teams in the East.

Jalen Brunson, Knicks (from Mavericks)

The Knicks were in need of a team leader, and Brunson has filled that role perfectly. He has brought stability to a team that has longed for direction at point guard. Coach Tom Thibodeau can rely on Brunson to make smart decisions with the ball. While he may not be an All-Star or franchise player, Brunson’s contribution is valuable. For the Knicks to reach the next level, they will need to strengthen other areas of their roster and continue their search for a superstar. However, thanks to Brunson, point guard is one position they no longer need to worry about.

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Rudy Gobert, Timberwolves (from Jazz)

Gobert has lived up to expectations as a top-tier rebounder and interior defender. He leads the league in rebounds and has made a positive impact on the Timberwolves’ defense. However, the team hasn’t seen a significant improvement in the standings with him on the roster. Offensively, Gobert’s limitations are evident, particularly his shooting range. Nonetheless, he hasn’t hindered Karl-Anthony Towns’ performance, which is a positive sign. It’s still early, and the Timberwolves sacrificed a lot to acquire Gobert, so there’s hope for improvement as the season progresses.

Dejounte Murray, Hawks

The anticipated partnership between Murray and Trae Young has been seamless. Murray is comfortable playing off Young and has provided exemplary defense for a Hawks team that has struggled in that aspect. He ranks second in the league in steals and contributes significant points while shooting at a high percentage. The trade involving Murray has been a win-win so far. He complements Young perfectly by guarding the opposition’s top scorer, making him an essential sidekick.

Malcolm Brogdon, Celtics (from Pacers)

Brogdon’s impact on the Celtics as a playmaker is still uncertain. The season is still young, and Brogdon has been coming off the bench, with limited minutes and late-game absences. Marcus Smart, who the Celtics traded for Brogdon’s playmaking skills, is actually averaging more assists and fewer turnovers. However, Brogdon provides valuable depth at the position, relieving some playmaking responsibility from Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. Only time will tell if Brogdon can truly upgrade the Celtics’ point guard position.

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John Wall, Clippers (from Rockets)

Wall has been a reliable ballhandler and scoring threat for the Clippers, despite limited minutes on the court. The team is being cautious with him, given his injury history. It’s still too early to judge Wall’s impact, but in the best-case scenario, he will gradually increase his workload and take over the starting point guard role. If not, and if his 3-point shooting doesn’t improve, Wall may not be the significant offseason addition that the Clippers had hoped for. Time will tell if he can live up to the high expectations set for him.


Q: How are the offseason additions performing with their new teams?
A: Overall, the offseason additions have made positive contributions to their respective teams, with some players exceeding expectations in their new roles. It’s still early in the season, but these players have shown promise and have the potential to make a significant impact moving forward.

Q: Which player has been the most impressive addition so far?
A: Donovan Mitchell of the Cavaliers has been the standout addition. He is putting up impressive numbers and has quickly become an MVP candidate. His impact on the team has been remarkable, and if he continues performing at this level, the Cavaliers could be among the top teams in the Eastern Conference.

Q: Are there any concerns about the performances of the offseason additions?
A: While most of the additions have made positive contributions, there are some concerns. For example, the Timberwolves haven’t seen a significant improvement in their standings despite acquiring Rudy Gobert. Additionally, Malcolm Brogdon’s role and impact on the Celtics are still uncertain. However, it’s important to remember that it’s still early in the season, and these players have the potential to make a greater impact as they become more comfortable with their new teams.

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In sum, the offseason additions have brought excitement and potential to their new teams. Donovan Mitchell has been outstanding for the Cavaliers, while Jalen Brunson has provided much-needed stability for the Knicks. Rudy Gobert’s defensive prowess has been evident for the Timberwolves, albeit without a major improvement in the standings. Dejounte Murray has seamlessly complemented Trae Young for the Hawks, and Malcolm Brogdon has brought valuable depth to the Celtics. John Wall’s impact for the Clippers is still uncertain due to limited playing time. Overall, these additions have the potential to make a significant impact as the season progresses.