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March Madness: A Time of Basketball Heroics and Excitement

March is just around the corner, and for all the basketball enthusiasts out there, that means one thing: March Madness. This annual NCAA tournament is a spectacle of basketball heroics, underdog stories, and thrilling games that captivate fans all over the world. Whether you’re a player aiming to showcase your skills or a fan enjoying the excitement, March Madness is an event you don’t want to miss.

Key Dates and Locations

For the men’s tournament, selection Sunday falls on March 15th. This day reveals the matchups and determines which teams will participate in NCAA March Madness 2020. Once the selections are made, it’s time to fill out your bracket and compete for those precious bragging rights. The First Four play-in games take place on March 17th and 18th in Dayton, Ohio, adding an immediate reminder of the unpredictability of this thrilling tournament.

The first and second rounds kick off on March 19th, with games being held at various locations such as Albany, St. Louis, Spokane, Tampa, Cleveland, Greensboro, Omaha, and Sacramento. The Midwest Regional (Indianapolis) and West Regional (Los Angeles) will take place on March 26th and 28th, followed by the South Regional (Houston) and East Regional (New York) on March 27th and 29th. The Final Four, the culmination of the March Madness journey, will be held in Atlanta on April 4th and 6th.

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The women’s NCAA tournament is not to be overlooked, providing just as much excitement and captivating stories. Selection Monday falls on March 16th and will be televised on ESPN. The first and second rounds will take place from March 20th to March 23rd, with locations yet to be determined. The Dallas and Greenville (South Carolina) Regional games will be held on March 27th and 29th, followed by the Portland and Fort Wayne (Indiana) Regional games on March 28th and 30th. The women’s Final Four will be held at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans on April 3rd and 5th.


Q: When is Selection Sunday for the men’s NCAA tournament?
A: Selection Sunday is on March 15th.

Q: Where are the First Four play-in games held?
A: The First Four play-in games take place in Dayton, Ohio.

Q: When do the first and second rounds of the men’s tournament begin?
A: The first and second rounds start on March 19th.

Q: When and where will the Final Four games be held?
A: The Final Four games for both men and women will be held in Atlanta on April 4th and 6th.

Q: When is Selection Monday for the women’s NCAA tournament?
A: Selection Monday is on March 16th.


March Madness is an exhilarating time for basketball fans worldwide. The NCAA tournament showcases the best of college basketball, with thrilling games and unexpected outcomes. Whether you’re following the men’s bracket or the women’s bracket, the journey to the Final Four is filled with excitement and captivating stories. So, get ready to fill out your brackets, tune in to the games, and embrace the madness of March! Visit for more information and stay updated on all the latest basketball news.

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