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One-on-One: Writer Wil Harrington — The Basketball Movement

As a writer, Wil Harrington’s role with The Basketball Movement and Yanders Law has expanded, allowing him to contribute as a blogger, reporter, and social media manager. His relationship with Robert Yanders, the founder of The Basketball Movement, goes back to their early years, when Robert was playing for Missouri State Bears.

Wil had the opportunity to witness the growth of The Basketball Movement firsthand, having trained at the facility during his grade school years. Although his own basketball aspirations didn’t lead him to the NBA, the rigorous workouts with Robert helped shape Wil’s life positively. The discipline and work ethic gained from those sessions enabled Wil to become a solid athlete in high school, excelling in baseball and academics.

Having had such a significant impact on Wil’s life, he is now thrilled to contribute to Robert’s businesses and help impact the lives of young athletes who train at The Basketball Movement.

Working with The Basketball Movement and Yanders Law

Wil is deeply invested in the success of Robert’s businesses. Despite working part-time, he is excited to witness the growth and development happening at The Basketball Movement.

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Robert recognized Wil’s dedication and expertise, inviting him to contribute to The Basketball Movement’s blog and later take over the blog for Yanders Law. In addition to blogging, Wil manages the social media pages, conducts interviews with athletes and prospects, writes proposals, and handles email campaigns. Robert appreciates their strong connection, as both are passionate and determined individuals.

“I’ve known Wil all the way back to skill workouts we did when he was a kid. I could tell that he could do anything he set his mind to. I know that his parents brought him up with possibilities to have so much, but he absolutely works for everything he has and everything he wants going forward. He is a man among boys in basketball writing.” – Rob Yanders


Q: How did Wil Harrington start his journey with The Basketball Movement?
A: Wil’s association with The Basketball Movement started over a year ago when he began writing blog posts for the organization. Having known Robert Yanders for many years, the opportunity to contribute to his vision was a natural fit.

Q: What is Wil’s role at The Basketball Movement and Yanders Law?
A: Wil’s role has expanded to include blogging, reporting, and social media management for both The Basketball Movement and Yanders Law. Additionally, he conducts interviews, writes proposals, and handles email campaigns.

Q: How does Robert Yanders describe his connection with Wil Harrington?
A: According to Robert, he and Wil share a deep connection due to their shared mindset and determination. He sees Wil as a talented writer who can achieve anything he sets his mind to.

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Wil Harrington’s journey with The Basketball Movement is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and mentorship. After years of training and being influenced by Robert Yanders, Wil now contributes to the success of The Basketball Movement and Yanders Law as a writer, social media manager, and reporter. Their strong connection and shared values drive their collaboration and continued growth. To keep up with the latest from The Basketball Movement, readers are encouraged to follow their social media platforms and explore the diverse range of offerings available.

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